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Lots of colourfulness and gunpowder to celebrate the Day of the Valencian Community

October 9th is here and the Valencian Community goes out on the streets to celebrate this big day for the autonomy. It’s an exceptionally intense day packed with leisure, culture, and folklore, making for a very attractive date for those who choose to discover the very essence of this area of Spain. The celebration of this festivity dates back to the year 1238, when on October 9th Jaime I entered the city of Valencia to conquer this Mediterranean enclave. Those events, engraved in the history of the Community, derived in different popular acts over the course of the years, like the traditional offering of flowers, which tours through the city paying homage to this beloved character. It’s a colourful and mass festivity, creating a unique atmosphere all over the city, making this day one of the best opportunities to discover this destination in every aspect, with the added appeal of being easy on the wallet, if you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Valencia. Music, parades and fireworks to celebrate this special date The schedule of October 9th offers a wide range of proposals filled with music, dances, entertainment, and culinary temptations. If you’re a lover of classic melodies you will be able to delight in the best musical compositions performed by the Orchestra of Valencia in the Palace of Music, due to this special date. Furthermore, the most traditional rhythms can be heard all over the city thanks to pasacalles (marching bands), as well as a parade of Moors and Christians. Another attraction of this festivity goes to the beat of gunpowder. This is also an ancient tradition, and due to the celebration of October 9th you will be able to behold the impressive castles of fireworks and numerous mascletàs (an explosive display of firecrackers), giving this big day an even louder touch.


A date filled with tradition and declarations of love In honour of this day, every year Generalitat Valenciana organises an institutional act in order to award a variety of distinctions, recognising the trajectory and good work done by numerous people and collectives. It’s an official ceremony commemorating the declaration made on October 9th in 1976 as Day of the Valencian Community. However, there’s also a more romantic side to this festivity, because the celebration of October 9th also coincides with the day of Saint Dionysius, the patron of those who are in love. To make this date even sweeter, in the capital of Turia there is a tradition of celebrating it in the most appetising way, by giving your partner the so-called Mocadorà. It consists of wrapping handcrafted marzipan sweets in a handkerchief, baked in Valencian bakeries and ovens, contributing to making this date sweeter and more special. A cheap hotel in Valencia: the key to experiencing October 9th at its fullest All these nuances make for a very rich list defining the city of Valencia. Its beautiful scenery where tradition and avant-garde perfectly complement each other is at the reach of anyone who would like to take a walk through the old town, or discover its astonishing modern architecture, such as The City of Arts and Sciences complex. Undoubtedly, this makes for a very interesting proposal with the added appeal of experiencing this chance in an economy-friendly way, choosing the best service and comfort of a cheap hotel in Valencia. Discover the city without any unnecessary complications. If you would like to experience first-hand the celebration of the Day of the Valencian Community, Sidorme puts at your fingertips the best option to enjoy the best service.