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Madrid: the capital city of cultural tourism in Spain

One of the primary things arousing interest amongst people who don’t permanently reside in the capital city is its extensive leisure offer. It is true that cultural tourism is continuously developing and growing all over the country, however, it will always be more intensely present in the neuralgic centre of Spain. For that reason, if you’re lucky to get a few days off in the upcoming months, it may well be a good idea to book a hotel in the centre of Madrid to go see the latest theatre productions, gigs at small or large venues, check out some art courses, exhibitions, musicals, or to discover the many treasures located in the many cultural establishments all over Madrid. Make the most of this great occasion to enter into the enjoyment of sensations and thoughts you've never experienced before, in order to continue feeding your most sensitive self.


Musicals: the current line-up

It is an undeniable truth that musicals are capable of attracting and moving a large audience. It’s not in vain these shows always require a great deal of production work, incredible artists to perform them, and a massive number of people in the staff to make something completely unforgettable out of every session for all the spectators. One of the most notorious musicals in the last five years is The Lion King, a production many people have already included in their “Must see” list. Nevertheless, the capital city of Spain can boast being home to a very extensive catalogue for this genre, capable of persuading the most demanding audiences and tastes. The aforementioned catalogue of musical productions include: “Ni castas ni puras 2.0” (Neither chaste, nor pure 2.0), “Mi Madre” (My mother), “Serrat y yo” (Serrat and I), “Sister Act” or “Cabaret” are just some of many titles you will be able to enjoy if you decide to spend a weekend in a hotel in the centre of Madrid and get a taste of the best performances.


Upcoming concerts in Madrid

If you’re a regular concert-goer and prefer to dance to the sound of an electric guitar, this city can also offer its visitors a fabulous live music programme. From tribute bands to legendary Spanish pop and rock bands like Mecano, Extremoduro, or Platero y Tú; to the current bands of the indie scene like Najwa Jean, Arizona Baby, Dr Chinarro, Dorian, La Habitación Roja, or Delafé. You can also enjoy performances of the renowned Spanish singer-songwriters like Cristina Rosenvinge or Mikel Erentxun in the upcoming months; or if you’re more into good international rock bands, make sure you pick up your ticket to see Muse or the great Bruce Springsteen, due to grace us with their visit in May.


Exhibitions to appeal to your most artistic side

Sometimes it seems too much of a hassle to visit a city with the explicit purpose of seeing an art exhibition, so why don’t you take advantage of an entire weekend to organise a cultural programme by visiting the biggest museums of the capital city of Spain as well? If you book a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you will be within walking distance of them all: Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre, or El Prado National Museum. Besides enjoying the permanent and temporary exhibitions, El Prado offers a wide range of incredibly interesting art-related activities. They are all listed on their website, so you can check which ones you are most inclined to sign up for during your next visit and plan your schedule accordingly. We would like to point out a selection of works by artist Georges de la Tour, on until June 12th at the Prado Museum; or “Wyeth: Andrew and Jamie in the study” on until June 19th at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, as the most interesting exhibitions you can visit right now.


Specialist shops: you will not want to leave their facilities

If you’re an enthusiast of all things related with culture and tradition, you will find yourself lost inside the many gorgeous establishments ready to strike a cord deep inside your being. Alas, only big capital cities are capable of maintaining such special establishments alive. Historical bookshops, antique shops, designer spaces, as well as many other alternative spots spread out all over the streets of such a vibrant city like the capital city of Spain. This is a unique opportunity to conquer every corner brimming with culture: ancient treasures, vinyl records you’ve never seen before, books you won’t be able to put down, and any other objects with a life of their own, designed by independent artists that will own your heart forever. Don’t hesitate any longer and book your accommodation in a hotel in Madrid now. Enjoy a weekend of the best in cultural tourism in Spain.