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Masterpieces of The Phillips Collection: “Impressionists and Modernists” in Barcelona

Barcelona is in luck, and lovers of art are too. The capital city of Catalonia is welcoming a great exhibition under the name of “Impressionists and Modernists”. As if you needed any more reasons to start planning a getaway to Barcelona! And yet, here’s another unique occasion to visit the city, whilst enjoying the masterpieces of some of the greatest artists of all time.

Such an opportunity should be embraced without any hesitation, so make sure you choose one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona with the perfect location to visit places of interest hassle-free. “Impressionists and Modernists” is a unique collection, gathering works of universally renowned artists, including Kandinsky, Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh, Manet, Courbet, Sisley or Modigliani. This proposal arrives straight from the United States (USA), or more specifically, from the Phillips Collection, endorsed by its huge contribution to the modern art and the avant-garde. The exhibition is held by the modern art gallery CaixaForum, where it will remain open to public until June 19th.


A once-in-a-life-time chance with the comfort of a cheap hotel in Barcelona

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to go on a getaway to stroll the streets of one of the most cultural and cosmopolitan cities of Spain? The key to thoroughly enjoying your time here is to book a low cost hotel near Barcelona with the best location to visit the facilities of the CaixaForum. Set your course to the art gallery and enjoy the pleasantly magical atmosphere of the Montjuïc neighbourhood and the surrounding area. Such a culturally rich experience caters to all audiences, whether you’ve decided to spend your holidays with kids, or with your partner only. Once you step inside the premises, you will quickly realise what we are talking about: every detail of the exhibition has been carefully considered and organised, so as to offer a complete and entertaining pictorial trip. It goes through six different blocks, ranging from the romantic era to the uniqueness of the expressionist style.


First-rate art masterpieces just arrived from the United States

This exhibition presents travellers with a tour by some of the best artistic creations of the last 200 years, making for an exceptional and unparalleled experience. It is not often that these art masterpieces leave their home in Washington D.C., USA, and it’s even less common to find such a complete collection of the some of the most renowned artists in Spain. Rest assured, you won’t regret your visit to this exhibition. Some of the internationally recognised paintings you will be able to see first-hand are: “Dancers at The Bar”, by Edgar Degas; The Valpinçon Bather, by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres; or Mont Sainte-Victoire, by Paul Cézanne. This is just a small sample out of 60 masterpieces brought to Barcelona, ready to attract hundreds of local and foreign visitors, devout lovers of arts and culture. Enjoy this amazing experience and get familiar with the historic works of key artists during your getaway to the capital city of Catalonia. Immerse yourself into the history of arts while staying in one of the best hotels near Barcelona. Sidorme is ready to welcome you with its arms open and provide you with the most comfortable stay during your visit.