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La Mercè Festivals in Barcelona

Tradition and arts perfectly blend in together during the renowned La Mercè Festivals in Barcelona. Enjoy this unique occasion to experience one of the most popular celebrations of this Spanish area, boasting a very high participation rate every year. Associations, collas (groups of people), musicians, creative guilds, superior schools and many more join forces to create an intense and colourful programme of activities. Starting from the opening proclamation to the pyro-musical show as a closing act, you will find yourself living an infinite number of new experiences from September 18 to 24. This year, Andreu Buenafuente, a distinguished television personality, has been put in charge of the kick-off of La Mercè Festivals. So, why don’t you start looking for low cost hotels in Barcelona now and immerse yourself into this fabulous adventure?


Opening fire with the great Buenafuente

His sense of humour doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, as it’s been proven over the years thanks to the popular TV shows Buenafuente has been hosting for so many seasons. As a result, he’s been given the honour of proudly proclaiming the opening of the most important festivals of Barcelona. This comedian is currently getting ready for his first cinematographic appearance with the film “El Pregón” (The Proclamation), and he thought it was some kind of joke when the city mayor, Ada Colau, offered him this honour. Laughter and musings are guaranteed with Buenafuente’s words, who will be proclaiming the opening of the festivals on September 18th with his dissertation. Onwards, you can expect seven days filled with a wide range of activities, reaching their highest peak during the weekend (September 19 and 20), as well as the night of the 23rd and the day of La Mercè (Our Lady of Mercy), on the 24th. The programme includes an extensive variety of performances, shows and traditional acts.


Tradition, one of the key words of the celebration

It’s important that we never forget where we come from, which is why traditions take such an important part in La Mercè Festivals. If you’re coming from abroad and are staying in one of the low cost hotels in Barcelona, you will thoroughly enjoy the Sardana dances, human towers of the festa castellera (castle festival), correfocs (fire-runners), the xambada de gegants, tavern and Havanan songs, the galejades trabucaire, and the cavalcade of La Mercè. The 18th International Pyrotechnic Festival will be the star of some of the nights, with a magnificent lights and fire show, which will undoubtedly leave all those who come to Barcelona to enjoy these incredible festivals in awe.


Let the music play!

Evidently, music plays a big part in La Mercè festivals as well. On one hand, every year on this occasion, Barcelona Musical Action Festival (commonly known as BAM) is celebrated. The primary goal of this festival is to discover the best new up and coming musicians. Accordingly, METZ, an underground Canadian rock band; Vetiver, pop-folk from United States; Blank Realm’s post-punk from Australia; British singer-songwriter Jane Weaver and her electronic pop-folk; and Saun & Starr, a new cult American soul will perform during the festival, amongst many others. On the other hand, La Mercè Music Festival also takes place during the week of celebrations. You will be able to enjoy musicians of the likes of Mishima, a joint performance of Free Spirits Big Band with David Mengual and El Petit de Cal Eril; rumba sounds by Achilifunk, La Málaga and others. And let’s not forget about the highly anticipated performance by an intergenerational trio: Jaume Sisa, Quimi Portet and Joan Miquel Oliver.


Alternative proposals

If all the aforementioned reasons are not enough for you to start looking for low cost hotels in Barcelona and come to these special festivals, here’s more. The programme is so extensive, it’s difficult to fit it into just one small article. However, we will tell you about a real plane (a commercial aircraft, currently in disuse) located in the Ciutadella Park. Here you will find entertainment shows, dances, and exploration of new technologies aimed at family audiences. Well then, what are you waiting for to start looking up low cost hotels in Barcelona to enjoy all these and many more brilliant experiences?