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Motorcycling and Formula 1 at B&B HOTELS

The engines start and with them, the possibility to enjoy the best world event from any budget hotel, an ideal space to combine passion for motorcycles, cars and trucks with maximum comfort and for an affordable price for all budgets. As every year, March marks the start of the season for two sports with important international appeal: motorcycling and Formula 1.  Both have the starting point and departure flag on lands far away, at Qatar and Australia, respectively, although in a few months his great show can be seen at Spain, so searching a good hotel is the perfect tool to approach.


We are going to Montmeló!

The first meeting will be done on May 14th, at Montmelo (Barcelona), it´s the unique annual stop of Formula 1 at Spain. Those who want to see Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz closely, have three excellent options, Econochic & Smartsleep, which provides a well deserved relaxation after the exhausting days of training and racing; at Mollet, Granollers and Viladecans. The Catalan event is highlighted in red in the calendar of thousands of Spanish fans  thanks to these hotels, who provide access  to see idols offering the best option when you want to combine comfort and economy. Just a few weeks later, on June the 11th, the same scene gets prepared again, but with a  change of the main characters, Marc Márquez, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Rossi and many other stars of the engine world who guarantee a full in bookings another year,once again, where several hotels in Barcelona are the best option in terms of quality and price.


Moto GP in Valencia

In contrast with Formula 1, the world of motorcycles has several appointments in Spain. One of the most emblematic definitely,  is  Cheste´s . The final fireworks that close the championship every year and which, whether or not there is excitement to meet the champions,  thousands of bikers come to live a real party, which this year will take place on November the 12th. Two establishments in Valencia are perfectly located to provide access to the circuit, endowed with maximum comfort so that the body can stand up the three intense days that, year after year, make of Cheste an epic colophon for the world-wide.


Jarama turns 50

But if there is a scenario where talking about roar of engines, is appealing directly to the truth, it´s certainly the Jarama circuit. Madrid´s circuit celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year, and will do it  in a big way, closing the European Truck Championships, a minority event compared to Fromula 1 and Moto GP, but which drags crowds of people arriving from all Europe. There are Econochic & Smartsleep hotels available in the capital of Madrid and at the nearby towns such as San Sebastian de los Reyes, Las Rozas and Fuenlabrada, as well as in the environs of the airport, these are the ideal trampoline to escape to a mythical scenario in everything related to the Careers in Spain.about racing in Spain. # MotoGP2017 # f1 #montmelo @CircuitValencia @Circuito_Jarama championship