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Natural locations in Albacete: a breath of fresh air

If you’re looking to spend a few days disconnected from everything, being able to enjoy a few days surrounded by nature is incredibly appealing. Spain has the perfect settings for that purpose, and destinations like Albacete boast having the most astounding natural locations where you can have fun and enjoy breathing the freshest air. A getaway to the green lungs of Castilla-La Mancha presents an interesting opportunity to spend a few days with friends, in the company of your family or children. It’s the perfect plan with a wide range of activities for every taste, as well as very budget-friendly if you choose a cheap hotel in Albacete, which allows you to fully enjoy your few days off.


The best opportunity to discover caves, lakes and breathtaking cascades

The possibility of easily moving around is key to making the most out of this chance to discover a magical destination like Calares del Río Mundo y de la Sima Natural Park. Behind this interesting name you will find a unique natural location with many attractions, such as transparent, crystalline waters. Discover a variety of caves, rocks and galleries, as well as breathtaking cascades reaching three hundred metres of height. Nature is full of surprises, here you will be able to see a varied flora and fauna, with all kinds of species which make the region of Albacete a point of reference. It has so many privileged spots where you can see animals, which are now protected species, such as the Iberian mountain goat, the wild cat, or impressive birds like vultures or eagles.


Visit Lagunas de Ruidera, thanks to the appealing price of a cheap hotel in Albacete

With similarly outstanding characteristics Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park is another must-see place which has earned itself a top spot on the list of ‘green lungs’ of Spain. Thanks to one of its most characteristic features being its wetlands, it got classified as a Natural Place of National Interest in 1933, and years later, a reserve, in order to protect its incalculable value. Taking a tour through these surroundings with lakes, cascades, and a variety of water birds is an invitation to break away from the usual noise and bustle of the big cities and enjoy nature at the fullest. Autumn is the perfect season to set off on this adventure and enjoy the scents of the countryside and hear the cracking of leaves under your feet. It’s the ideal moment to also enjoy the best offers in accommodation choosing a cheap hotel in Albacete to fully live this experience feeling as comfortable as you would in your own home.


Hiking, zip wire, and good cuisine in the tempting surroundings of Valle del Júcar-Cabriel

If you’re looking to enjoy some sports activities as well, you will find these settings perfectly adapted to the youngest ones of the family. There is a wide range of proposals including hiking paths, bicycle rides, or the possibility to discover zip wire. And after such an active day, there’s nothing better than a traditional menu of the area to take advantage of the quality gastronomic essence of Albacete. Making a stop at Valle del Júcar-Cabriel is a fantastic decision if you want to immerse yourself in the contrasts of Castilla-La Mancha and get to see its plains, its marvellous landscapes, and the incredible rock-cut architecture, making for a perfect holiday destination you will never forget. If you would like to enjoy the beauty of nature getting acquainted with the most astounding natural locations of Spain, allow yourself to get carried away by these proposals of Sidorme.