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Nature getaway, we give you new ideas!

A few weeks ago, on our blog, you could read an article with more than original ideas for escapes to nature. We keep saying that May is the ideal month to find the best econochic© and SmartSleep© offer.


Natural Park of Pagoeta, Guipúzcoa

This real gem is a few kilometers away from San Sebastián and any of its budget hotels. It is perched on the sea, at a short distance from the beaches of Zarautz but with an unmistakable rural scent. This is a space to get lost between villages and farms, cows and horses, meadows and wooded spots, which on these dates offers all the splendour of absolute spring. The park has plenty of marked trails for walking or cycling and, for those travelling with children, it offers the possibility to visit the Botanical Park of Iturraran or the Agorregi hydraulic complex, which includes a blacksmith’s and a mill. It gives an idea of what life was like until recently in these magical landscapes of fog, legends, and dark beech forests, where the sun hardly dares to enter.


Natural Park of Sierra de Baza. Granada

Obviously, Granada is its Alhambra, the Albaicín and the awesome majesty of Sierra Nevada that presides everything. However, there is another Granada, less busy, more humane and inhabited since the Paleolithic, which finds a magnificent example in Sierra de Baza and its surroundings. Located on a large heigh-elevated plain, with peaks that exceed the 2,000 meters by far, the park has magnificent pine forests where you can hike. They stand out among a wild, harsh landscape, where the imprint of man can be seen here and there, in the form of small towns abandoned in disused mines or in the hundreds of cave houses that, meter by meter, its inhabitants have perforated in the earth to make them habitable spaces, even majestic in some cases. To that,one must add a varied and filling gastronomy, as well as the possibility of spending the night in one of the econochic© and SmartSleep© hotels of the Nasrid capital.


Natural Park of Cap de Creus. Girona

The fame that accompanies Finisterre of being the end of the world could easily be shared with the Cap de Creus. The features are the same: a lighthouse, a rocky landscape against which waves beat and the immensity of the sea, as far as the eye can see. Indeed, the most intriguing thing of this location is under the surface, in one of the best diving sites of the peninsula. A place that can also be enjoyed from a sailing boat or any of those hidden coves in which you can receive the first hot days of the imminent summer. Outside the sea, it is a typical Mediterranean landscape, lacking trees because of the merciless Tramontana -or north wind-, but rich in birds and small reptiles for those who like to entertain themselves watching the wildlife. The provincial capital, Girona, and the nearby Figueres, have a wide range of affordable hotels from which you can plan this getaway.