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Nature getaway with B&B Hotels

"Windy March and rainy April bring a flowery and beautiful May". While climate change, it has left many of our sayings meaningless. No one doubts that May is the spring hatching month, the eve of summer, the time where the long and warm days make you feel joy according to nature without suffering the rigors of summer.  Without agglomerations that causes suffocation, May is the ideal month  to look for the best  econochic© and SmartSleep©  offer, in the case of the most daring, to even take the first dip.  


National Park Cies Islands.Vigo

A Budget hotel in Vigo is the best option to visit these Atlantic islands. Here, the hippies who wanted to be killed by the Total Sinister are no longer there and have been replaced by nature in semi-solid state. Declared as a Natural Park, hosting some of the most beautiful beaches of the Rias Baixas, especially Rhodes, which stands along the white sands and crystal clear water. Take a swim in the Atlantic this month may be a bit daring, but nothing prevents you from spending a few hours on a pleasant  boat ride and having a walking tour through the island, spotting seabirds and the immense seabed fullness of  Ria de Vigo. By the way, a few trees and many lighthouses are present at the same time to  guide mariners in these dangerous waters, and lending charm to this isolated place which is convenient to visit off-season as agglomerations makes the experience not fully charming.  


Natural Park Salinas de Torrevieja. Alicante

The same can be said for our next destination. Try to avoid  summer at the salt mines of Torrevieja, in this case, almost an obligation. Agglomerations add to the suffocating heat and drought.  These makes the experience lose vitality. At the south of the province of Alicante, these wetlands have been located for thousands of years and have been used for the extraction of salt. Saline activity remains active, although it´s located far away  from the artisan charm of past decades. The lagoon  keeps bewitched, framed between buildings but full of life, especially alada. Spring is an excellent time of the year to see many of the birds that nest there or just pass through.  Flamingos are the most attractive animals, but there are also several species of ducks, raptors, bitterns, egrets ... The park also has several signposted routes and an interpretive center.  An affordable and comfortable hotel in Alicante is the best place to face the day.


Source of the River Mundo. Albacete

Pepe Carvalho, the most famous character of Manuel Vazquez Montalban, he assits to the waterfall ensuring that "It was impossible not to hear the propitious song of the earth which sends it´s favourite water to the surface, forming  a river that had taken responsibility by naming it  as “World”, located at a corner of “Sierra de Albacete ". The impression is shared by all the people who travel to this place.  Away from massive tourist routes but able to justify a trip from the nearby city, Albacete,  and any of its budget hotels. Thousands of liters of water, literally born on rock  and then collapse under vacuum in a show described with incomparable beauty  and difficult to imagine, located at “La Mancha mountains.” The drive, passing through places like Alcaraz Monumental or Hellin, becomes more bearable.