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Nightlife in Barcelona

As we enter the darkness of the night in Barcelona, we are immersing ourselves into an immense sea replete with different options and opportunities. Amongst them you will find a massive amount of new places to discover, music playing non-stop all night long, bars and restaurants closing in the early hours of the morning, intense walks in the light of this emblematic city, and incredible shows, such as the one taking place in the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. If you would like to thoroughly experience all of the aforementioned possibilities, make sure you book accommodation in one of the cheap hotels in Barcelona, in order to focus your budget on things that really matter: making the most of every minute of your stay in the marvellous, hectic and vivacious capital city of Catalonia.


Drinks and good music to dance all night

Let’s start from the beginning. When we think of a good night out, the first thing that springs to mind is having a few drinks and being able to dance and enjoy ourselves all night long. Barcelona allows you to do so any which way you want to do it. There is such a wide range of places where you can go for a drink, you will have a hard time choosing just one: cocktail bars, whiskey bars, bars which have been around forever where you can have some Vermouth, or trendy pubs offering a great variety of beers... It’s up to you! Make your pick to get your party started. Not one of them will leave you indifferent. Afterwards comes dancing and music which will make you shake and tremble with excitement. If you choose a cheap hotel in Barcelona and decide to fully immerse yourself in the city at night, you will find whatever it is you are looking for. There is no better place to enjoy a more cosmopolitan variety of music than here. To name a few, it ranges from Nitsa/La 2 (Sala Apolo) venue in the Poble-sec neighbourhood, where you will be able to dance to the rhythm of the best electronic music with DJ Fra; to the old school sounds of Marula Café, an elegant venue located in the Gothic neighbourhood. Ciutat Vella caters to visitors who are looking for rock performances of a more ‘underground’ nature. For example, you will be able to enjoy some really good guitar sessions inside the Sidecar Factory Club. Last, but not least, the first ever venue to combine outdoor facilities and house music carries the name of Terrrazza, a benchmark for the clubbing scene situated in Poble Espanyol.


Dinner in the small hours at the best restaurants: a luxury you shouldn’t miss out on

One of the main advantages of being on holiday is doing what you want to do, and simply forget about the regular schedules. Since it’s pretty much a given you will wake up much later than you intended to, your entire day will carry on with a certain delay as a consequence.  Why not use this inevitable fact in your favour? Take this opportunity to have a late dinner in one of the many restaurants in Barcelona open during the small hours. If you book one of the cheap hotels in Barcelona, you will be able to enjoy its nightlife in a different way, like making the most of its delicious cuisine. From upscale restaurants or burger places with beef of 100% Spanish quality, to other varied options including fashionable sandwich places, namely Sagàs, located in El Born neighbourhood; Velódromo Bar, a place which never sleeps and is under strict management of Jordi Vilà (a renowned chef with a Michelin star in Alkimia), or El Roca Bar, which is a tapa bar opened by the brothers of El Celler de Can Roca.


Night-time walks are the best walks

Nothing can possibly go wrong if you start your night with a light and water show at the Magical Fountain of Montjuïc. An incredible session attracting hundreds of visitors to this stunning area of Barcelona. Afterwards you can go for a stroll, climb up the stairs all the way to the National Palace and enjoy a view of the city from its heights. The Gothic neighbourhood, the Ramblas, or the Gràcia promenade are some of the other extraordinary places we recommend you to enjoy under the starry night. Now that we’ve taken you on this fabulous tour, do not hesitate any longer and book a cheap hotel in Barcelona to spend a few incredible days.