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Proposals for a magical New Year’s Eve in Spain

The countdown to 2015 has been activated, and it is time to settle the planning for a fun New Year’s Eve once and for all. Whether you’ve chosen to spend these special moments with friends, family or your partner, the matter at hand is to do everything you can in order to welcome the new year the way it truly deserves. Take advantage of this holiday that this time has conveniently fallen on a weekend, and enjoy a few days of relax in Spain. New Year’s Eve parties, special getaways, active tourism, or holidays in the most traditional sense: the possibilities are vast when you’re spending a weekend in Spain. For that reason, the city of Madrid, for example, has the ideal settings with a wide range of proposals to make these last few days of 2015 really magical.


Discovering the essence of Madrid during one of the most special nights of the year

Your celebration of the arrival of the New Year may start on December 31st at the Sol square, eating the twelve grapes of luck surrounded by thousands of happy faces. Experience a wonderfully unique moment from this renowned location seen every year from every Spanish home and many other homes abroad, during the twelve o’clock ringing, which marks the beginning of the new year. The capital city of Spain boasts the greatest offer in New Year’s Eve celebrations catering to all tastes and preferences, and fitting all budgets, in order to close a whole another year accordingly. If you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you will also save yourself the hassle of driving at night, which means going to sleep whenever you want. This way you can take advantage of the following days to explore the city, its most emblematic neighbourhoods and monuments, and do so at your own pace.


Culture, partying, and tradition in the festive Barcelona

If you’re looking for a place closer to the Mediterranean Sea, a good destination for a weekend in Spain can be Barcelona. Sample Catalan cuisine in one of its busiest neighbourhoods, and have the grapes of luck before continuing your night at key locations like the Plaza Cataluña, the Plaza Real, or the Ramblas. A gorgeous display of lights crowns the sky of Barcelona during the last minutes of December 31st to welcome the new year. In the early hours of January 1st the night owls are having the time of their lives, rounding it off with the traditional chocolate with churros before going to sleep. Once your batteries are newly charged thanks to a comfortable stay in a hotel in Barcelona conveniently located near various places of interest, you are ready to continue with your action-packed weekend in Spain. A good start to get your day going can be a small tour by Montjuïc, the streets of the Gracia neighbourhood or the Gothic neighbourhood, the Sagrada Familia, or the amazing Güell Park. Additionally, Barcelona has a great number of trendy stores, where you can acquire the latest in fashion and the best in designer brands; or you can visit museums with astounding exhibitions, go to see a good play at one of the theatres, or enjoy a live show.


A different weekend in Spain in the heart of Granada

There’s also a special proposal for hopeless romantics, in the shape of a weekend in Granada, which can make for the perfect place to welcome the new year. Such a getaway will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable imprint in your memory. After a dinner in one of the typical Andalusian restaurants in the city, a good proposal could be to receive 2016 eating the traditional twelve grapes of luck while enjoying the view of the magnificent Alhambra Palace, and saying good-bye to the first night of the year to the rhythms of flamenco. Comfortable accommodation in a hotel in Granada is key to making the most of your special weekend in Spain, which can be combined with fun and nature. If you are keen on sports, an interesting option is to visit one of the ski resorts in Sierra Nevada, or to take a simple walk to delight your eyes in the most incredible landscapes so characteristic of the beautiful snowy season.

Here are three very different settings filled with the most amazing possibilities. Enjoy your weekend in Spain with Sidorme and our best hotels, and spend an unparalleled New Year’s Eve in the most beautiful surroundings.