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Relax and ski getaway to Catalonia

The northernmost area of Catalonia offers such a great variety of attractions to its visitors, it’s ready to cater to all tastes and preferences, as diverse as they may be. In addition, its great cultural heritage makes it a fantastic place where you can discover and learn new things: architecture, urban planning, museums… The streets and buildings of Catalonia have lots of stories and tales hidden amongst them. The coastline is there to behold, for anyone who would like to delight their eyes in the sea landscape and its relaxing blue emptiness; ski resorts are close by, something that all lovers of adrenaline will thoroughly enjoy; and let’s not forget about the delicious Catalonian cuisine you can sample during your days of relax. Spend some quiet time reading, drinking wine, and enjoying the views… If you find this proposal tempting enough, don’t wait any longer and book a cheap hotel in Girona to spend a few wonderful days.


Nature in its purest form

The natural environment of the northern area of Catalonia has a lot to offer. A relaxing getaway can be perfectly combined with hiking routes and some strolls discovering new landscapes. Nature can offer you an unlimited show of massive proportions, if you enjoy outdoor activity in the fresh air. Breathe clean air, forget about the traffic noise, say good bye to the stressful crowds… This is something you can easily experience in the volcanic area of La Garrotxa and its forty or more volcanoes, as well as several lava flows. Diverse and exuberant vegetation is one of its many natural values, with 28 walking itineraries to discover extraordinary landscapes.


Incredible cuisine for a relaxing meal

One way or another, we always somehow end up linking the word ‘relax’ to good food. During our holidays we often allow ourselves to eat more than usual, and we’re more keen on trying out new things. This area of Spain has a wide range of traditional dishes, accompanied by the best wines made in Catalonia. If you choose a cheap hotel in Girona, don’t miss out on the occasion to go to one of its most typical restaurants. And if you’re ready to go overboard, then book a table (and make sure you do it well in advance) at El Celler de Can Roca, a gorgeous, internationally renowned establishment with a Michelin star.


Skiing: another way of breaking off of the routine

If you’re an implacable enthusiast of winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, you probably know the great satisfaction and adrenaline unload these sports give you, and how perfect a tool they are to escape. If you stay in a cheap hotel in Figueres, you will be able to not only enjoy the charms of this city, you will also be able to visit the ski tracks within the driving distance of just about an hour and a half. At this short distance you will find several ski resorts you can visit, so make sure you include into your planning some time to enjoy your favourite sport. If you don’t want to carry all your equipment with you, you can always rent it at any of the shops located near the tracks. Thanks to the great number of different leisure options you can take advantage of in the northern area of Catalonia, you can combine several proposals in just one getaway. Even if relaxing and skiing might be your main purpose of travel, you can also spend a few days getting to know the beautiful retreats of the area, by taking a stroll by the well-known coves of Costa Brava, visiting the Dalí Museum, wineries, and having a bite at the various fabulous restaurants. The architecture and urban planning are also worth your attention, and you can make use of the different itineraries delineated by the tourist organization of each town, during which you will discover their history. Now that we’ve shown you several great options, what would you like to do in Catalonia? If you choose a cheap hotel in Girona, you will be able to dedicate the rest of your time and budget to enjoying the best getaway ever.