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Romantic and original ideas for a Valentine’s Day getaway

Love is like a plant you must keep on growing and nurturing on a regular basis. Which is why to consider a romantic getaway with your partner is a fabulous idea, given the imminent arrival of the Valentine’s Day weekend. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate the trajectory of your time together as a couple, the discovery of your soul mate in that special person, or to simply dedicate a couple of days exclusively to each other. Keeping the spark alive is vital when you’re in a long-term relationship, so today we would like to propose to you a few original and romantic ideas for a Valentine’s Day getaway, during a weekend where Cupid will be leading the way. You will be able to enjoy all of these proposals in the Sidorme Hotels.


Disappearing and getting away from everything and everyone

The first rule of a successful romantic getaway is to disappear, and to get as further away as possible from everything and everyone. In order to achieve this goal, you only need to pick your destination: a cheap hotel in Granada, to become enchanted by this city; a hotel in the centre of Madrid, to enjoy its vast cultural and leisure offer; or to stay in a hotel in Figueres, where you will be able to delight in the delicious cuisine and the wines of this beautiful Catalan region. There is no bad choice here: regardless of the destination, you will pick the perfect place for your love-fueled weekend.



If we are planning a romantic getaway, we can count on the surprise factor to make it more exciting and to leave our partner speechless. Don’t reveal the destination to them, pack their suitcase, tell them to get in the car but without revealing where exactly you are headed... There are plenty of ideas and little ticks you can make use of, in order to keep the mystery alive. Take advantage of this getaway to stay in a cheap hotel in Barcelona, and take a walk by Montjüic or Tibidabo, pay a visit to an amusement park, or book tickets to one of the fantastic shows or theatre productions the capital city of Catalonia has to offer in its many venues and theatres. This idea could be easily reprised in the city of Madrid, with the added appeal of a comfortable stay in a room with a spectacular design in a century-old building in the heart of the capital city of Spain.


Let’s consider some more original options

If you’re looking for something more adventurous than the classic romantic walks, candlelit dinners and shows, you can try out some other alternatives that have been getting increasingly popular in the romantic offers for people who would like to celebrate their love in a different way. An interesting option, for example, could be the dinner of the senses, where the two of you enjoy your food in the absolute dark. And if you’re looking for something more fun, why not sign up for a mystery dinner to solve the enigma? Additionally, you could also go to a beer or wine tasting, a massage for two, or for the lovers of sport, give a try to a multi-adventure activity. On the other hand, hiking can also be a very good option. If you and your partner love nature, and enjoy your time getting immersed in it together, then you could use this opportunity to take a look at some of the routes in the area. Natural parks, iconic retreats, mounts, mountains, rivers... so many places where you can enjoy yourselves during your Valentine’s Day weekend.


The only thing better than singing, is more singing

What if you sent some mariachis or a band of strolling musicians (a Tuna, as they call them in Spanish) to serenade your loved one under the window of the hotel? Or perhaps a violinist who would suddenly appear during your dinner in a really fancy restaurant? Any of these options can be a great, pleasant surprise for your partner, and an unforgettable romantic detail, which will undoubtedly be welcome. If you take some time looking for interesting ideas, you will definitely find something to suit your preferences and your budget. Rest assured, your idea will be as successful as anything you've ever done!


Breakfast in bed: an all-time classic

Whether you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Granada, a boutique hotel in the centre of Madrid or a hotel near Barcelona, the option of a breakfast in bed can be easily fixed anywhere. It’s an all-time great classic, exploited in so many Hollywood films, promoting an undeniable image of sensuality and intimacy between two people. It’s such a unique and perfect moment to share with your partner while you’re enjoying a relaxing time during your Valentine’s Day romantic getaway. Have you chosen your destination to celebrate your love?