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Romantic getaway ideas for the Puente de la Inmaculada bank holiday in Spain

A lot of couples are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a few days of rest in December to go on a romantic weekend during the Puente de la Inmaculada bank holiday, and fill these days with unforgettable moments in the company of your partner. It’s the perfect season to enjoy a well-deserved romantic getaway in unfathomably charming places like Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, or the heart of Valencia. December is, indeed, the ideal month for enjoying your short holidays in Granada. Nature and cultural and traditional heritage join their strengths for the occasion. This beautiful enclave is full of magical places, where lovers can enjoy going on gorgeous walks to behold the Alhambra Palace under the romantic glow of the night, make the most out of the richness of the Andalusian cuisine, or share a special and emotional moment during one of the best Flamenco shows taking place at this key touristic location of Spain.


Nature and good food in the heart of Granada

Andalusia is much more than that, and Granada pulls out all of its best qualities as a fantastic destination, especially when it comes to romantic getaways. Another interesting way to enjoy the December bank holiday in this area is to experience the full potential of Sierra Nevada: one of the most stunning “green lungs” of the country where you can go to break away from the routine and delight in the most incredible landscapes. In addition, lovers of sport and exercising in the company of their partner are particularly in luck. Sierra Nevada can boast great walking and horseback riding routes, which could make for a very different and fun activity, but make sure you are wearing cosy and warm clothing. And to round off your stay, book a hotel in Granada that will take care of all the details to welcome December with renewed energy.


A few tips for a good romantic getaway in Madrid

Travellers looking for the most cosmopolitan side of Spain won’t have a difficult time finding tons of great reasons to spend their perfect romantic getaway in Madrid. The arrival of December means the city is dressing up for Christmas, and it’s just another perfect reason to spend a few pleasant days there with your partner and discover the charm of Madrid in winter. To find a good hotel in the centre of Madrid or near the city is key to getting as further away as possible from the bustling transport, and embark on a journey through the most beautiful places like El Retiro park, the Habsburg Madrid, or the distinct neighbourhoods, turning the capital city of Spain in a major touristic attraction Moreover, lovers of art exhibitions, music, and eating well have the best museums, concerts and restaurants to indulge themselves in during the perfect romantic getaway on the occasion of the Puente de la Inmaculada bank holiday.


The warmest and most Christmassy picture of Barcelona

Barcelona also ranks pretty high and doesn’t stay behind the aforementioned cities in the list of the best destinations for romantic getaways. The Catalan metropolis dresses up for Christmas and paints its streets with the warmest lights, making spectacular areas like the Gothic neighbourhood look almost fairy-tale. A stroll by the streets of this enclave along the bustling Ramblas, a visit to Montjuïc or the Güell Park are great and low cost alternatives to rid yourself of the boredom of the daily routine and spend some magical moments with your partner. Going shopping to the trendy and peculiar stores of the city, or visiting tempting exhibitions like the ones currently taking place at the Caixa Forum facilities can give your short but intense romantic getaway a cultural and fascinating touch during the December bank holiday. And if your main purpose for this getaway is to enjoy some good food, Valencia is ready to welcome you with its arms open, with pleasant temperatures for some long walks by the seaside, along the beach of Malvarrosa. A few wonderful days with the best rice dishes, buñuelos, and a few days of rest in a hotel in Valencia, readily available to offer their visitors a uniquely comfortable stay. The Carmen neighbourhood or the City of Arts and Sciences are two other excellent spots to discover with your partner. Enjoy the most typical side of Valencia, or feel as if you are the stars of a Hollywood movie, as you pass by this cultural and architectural complex, which happens to be a frequented filming location for many renowned international films. If you would like to enjoy a dreamy romantic getaway and a magical Puente de la Inmaculada bank holiday, Sidorme puts everything at your disposal to help you make it so.