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See Paul McCartney live at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid

Music is the best possible reason there is for packing your suitcase and planning the perfect getaway. Every year the capital city of Spain hosts a great number of exclusive musical events. However, the upcoming June 2nd of 2016 promises to be a really big one, because Madrid will be welcoming on its stage none other than one of the greatest personalities in the music industry of all time, and that's Paul McCartney himself. You couldn’t have possibly found a more tempting occasion to visit the capital city of Spain. So why don’t use this unique opportunity to book now a hotel in the centre of Madrid with the ideal location to easily move around the city and enjoy the live show of the year. Allow us to help you design the plan for the best getaway, and make the most of the tons of possibilities this cosmopolitan city has to offer.


All set to hear this celebrated artist perform at the Vicente Calderón Stadium

The Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid is already getting ready to welcome this unique event. On the very first day and in less than three hours more than 32,000 McCartney fans had purchased their tickets online, so as to not to miss out on such a highly-demanded event.

Creative Commons by Aurelien Guichard[/caption] The expectations are sky-high, because the renowned beatle has not performed in Spain in twelve years. This is how long his fans had to wait for him to come back to our stage and to finally be able to hear live his new album One on One.


Enjoy music with a comfortable stay a hotel in the centre of Madrid

If you set your course to Madrid in the following weeks, not only will you be able to enjoy Paul McCartney’s music, but also spend a wonderful time in the capital city of Spain delighting in the warm weather, so characteristic of this season. It is, quite simply, the perfect moment to experience the bustling cultural programme, ready to suit all tastes and preferences, for there are plenty of other live music performances, cinematographic and culinary offers, or even interesting routes by the most beautiful retreats of Madrid. All these proposals are perfect to complete your visit to Madrid and see Paul McCartney get once again up on a Spanish stage on June 2nd, in the company of his usual band. This musical ensemble has been following him around in all of his tours for the last 10 years of his live performances. It is composed of fantastic musicians like Brian Ray (bass, guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar), Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens (keyboards), and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums).


A unique occasion to experience the talent of McCartney first-hand

If you’ve already decided to come to Madrid to experience this event, you’re in for tons of surprises and visual effects on a carefully designed and constructed stage, situated inside the Vicente Calderón Stadium facilities. Not much information has been divulged thus far, but fans have been promised the newest technological advances accompanied by massive screens, audio, video, floodlights of the latest generation and many other stunning effects, which will turn this performance into a concert forever ingrained in all our minds. It’s not in vain this great artist has earned himself a spot in the popular Guinness World Records book, given his otherworldly talent as a musician and a composer. Throughout his career Paul McCartney has sold a hundred million singles and owns 60 gold records. Without doubt, this is a truly special occasion for all fans of this British singer-songwriter, who first became famous in the 1960s alongside John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. It is also the perfect opportunity to explore the capital city of Spain with B&B Hotels and our most comfortable hotel in the centre of Madrid.