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Shopping in Las Rozas Village: a tour around the world through a luxury outlet

Nowadays all brands are endeavouring to give their product lines a stylish and unique distinction. You can see it perfectly reflected in fashion, with designers being often inspired by different parts of the world, which leads them to create interesting pieces, as well as setting new, different trends. Brands which have opened their shops in Las Rozas Village share this practice, offering great bargains and discounts to anyone who visits this shopping centre situated in the open air. It’s the perfect reason to visit Madrid this weekend and make the most of it shopping for great products of brands of the highest class. You can make it possible by booking a hotel near Las Rozas Village and enjoying a walk through the streets seeing the most interesting -to you- establishments. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who loves shopping, but doesn't live in the capital city of Spain.


Cosmopolitan shopping

Many stores we can find in this shopping centre are offering a wide range of inspirations from over the globe, some of them keeping the purest possible form, whilst others offering an interesting mixture of trends. It’s the perfect combination for people who love fashion and are looking to immerse themselves in this peculiar blend of different styles. There are brands such as Superdry, born from an inspirational trip to Tokyo, fusing the American vintage style with Japanese inspired graphics, and just a touch of Britishness. However, if your dreams are floating somewhere in Australia, Billabong is definitely your point of reference. This brand was specially created for enthusiasts of surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and skating, in the same way as Havaianas, Quicksilver or Vans. Trainers, backpacks, caps, sandals, and other kinds of clothing are in our vantage point when we take a stroll through all these shops of distinguished fashion designers.  So many people enjoy the comfort of this undoubtedly unique and distinct style, which also meets their personal tastes and inspirations. Of course if you’re into something more classic, you will also find brands to your liking. For example Belstaff, a brand delving into a luxury lifestyle combined with adventure stands for a purely British style with a collection presented by David Beckham himself.


And if you’re looking for something for a special occasion...

If in the foreseeable future you have to attend an event with an extremely stylish dress code, here you will be able to search for the perfect outfit. Take it easy, book a room in a hotel near Las Rozas Village, and dedicate your day to checking out the most renowned shops. Brands like Adolfo Domínguez, Baba, Carolina Herrera, Dolores Promesas, Hoss Intropia, Escada, Hugo Boss, Roberto Verino, Karen Millen, or Ermenegildo Zelda, amongst many others are here to offer you lower prices than usual in their establishments of Las Rozas Village, bringing you the opportunity to choose the perfect dress, suit, or outfit always guaranteeing the best quality without having to spend a fortune.


Love for decor

If you enjoy shopping for things for your home, be it furniture, decoration objects, or accessories, in Las Rozas Village you will find great bargains as well. Brands like Textura are present in this shopping centre too, offering brightness, colour, freshness and simplicity in their line of production.  Here you will find an extensive variety of linen sheets, pillows, towels, frames for photos, home decoration accessories, and toiletry items. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for something entirely different, it would be a good idea to pay a visit to Becara. This company has been around for over 50 years in the decoration market, always striving to make a difference elaborately designing, producing, and selling the most interesting products. Decoration items, gifts, home textile, and antiques are some of the things you will find in their store. The shopping centre offers a wide visiting schedule, opening from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 21:00. Do not waste this opportunity to come to Madrid, book a hotel near Las Rozas Village, and spend a marvellous time shopping, enjoying all these special discounts that the most renowned brands are offering in their establishments. Are you going to take advantage of it?