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Sleep well

Sleeping ...something so vital, so pleasant and so cherished in many moments. Sleeping allows us to organize the ideas and everything that we have learned throughout the day. Even though it looks like it’s not much, it’s amazing the amount of knowledge we acquired during the day. Proof of this is the fact that we dream about things that happened the same day. Does it ever ever happened to you? Getting enough sleep is essential to perform well the next day and carry out all the activities that we require in our daily life: work, kids, home, studies... Thousand of activities that require a good rest. To achieve this purpose there are some tricks known by everybody that are very useful. For example: not eating in abundance at night or setting a time sleep routine. In our hotels the good rest of our customers is the most important, and that’s why we care of everything in detail: An improper pillow can wreck us the night, can let us not sleep well, or can cause us to wake up with the neck or the back contractured.


A comfortable pillow is not always the same for everyone, every person has their tastes and preferences. We know it very well since every day many clients ask us for one or for other. That's why we offer you the ability to choose how you want it to be. About the mattresses, did you know that in some of our hotels you can request hard or soft mattress? We know it's something important for those suffering backs. It is a service that we will eventually implement in all ours hotels.


And what about naps? that tiny little bit of dream that some days we can afford, such as Sundays. In Sidorme we have it very present and so we have created the special offer "Sidorme's Sundays" with 25% off so you can forget about the alarm clock and stay one more night with nap or not. It's up to your choice :)


In B&B Hotels we put our best efforts and all our attention to personalize your stay. Our desire is to make you feel at home and that you sleep like a king. We are looking forward to hear your wishes, we want your rest be full and restful. You will receive our best service with no extra cost, according to our philosophy of taking care of your pocket!

Elisa Martos y Ana Gámez Hotel Sidorme Girona