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Spanish Speed Championship (CEV) in Albacete – an event worth traveling for

During the weekend of 5 and 6 July Albacete welcomes a major sporting event - the Spanish Speed Championship - that will make the entire region quiver of excitement. This championship is considered to be a prelude to the World Championship. For fans of the Moto3, Moto2 and the SuperBike Championship (SBC) all the races on this track constitute a great event which should be followed with passion and fervor. The teams will give everything on their two wheels, seeking victory that will take them to the very top of the podium. And this will be even more exciting since the entry is completely free to the public. An invitation granting free access to the track can be printed from the website of the CEV championship; however, it is not compulsory to bring it. This way anybody who wants to spend their weekend full of speed and action will have to pay only for their accommodation enjoying free entry to the racing track. It is a great opportunity to save money while being able to spend a few fantastic days in the Albacete region.


Practice Sessions

On their quest for excellence, giving their best, they have already performed their training sessions on the racing track of Albacete on last week’s Tuesday and Wednesday. The main aim of the 23 teams, including more than fifty racers from all over the world, with their mechanics and managers, was to prepare the fifth race of the Spanish Speed Championship (CEV). There were teams like Team Hernandez headed by Noboru Ueda and Manuel Hernandez, Pons, VR46 Aspar Team, Laglisse Calvo, Stratos, etc. Further, there were some distinguished racers with Aaron Polanco, Andrea Migno and Valentino Rossi’s half-brother Luca Marini amongst them.


Spanish Speed Championship (CEV) in Albacete

Now the upcoming days of 5 and 6 July a great deal will be at stake on the asphalt of Albacete. Since the previous day with the preceding mechanical controls everyone will be moving quickly and accurately toward the main goal, i.e., to be the winner. The race will start very early; already at nine in the morning the racers will be performing laps on the circuit of Albacete on both days, ending around noon. At the last event there were some 13,000 fans, encouraging their teams and giving the place the atmosphere that an event of so much importance deserves. The circuit of Albacete is located 3.7 kilometers from the city, on Ayora road. Its main circuit is 3.539,310 meters long, with 13 corners. In the previous race of the Spanish Speed Championship in Montmeló (Barcelona), which took place on the weekend of June 22, the winners were as follows: Kevin Noyes in Superbike; Fabio Quartararo in Moto3; Jesko Raffin in Moto2; and Ferran Casas in Superstock. Now all eyes are on the general rankings, which in Moto3 is headed by Fabio Quartararo with the junior Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 with 145 points. The second place is taken by Jorge Navarro with Machado-Came Spain with 93 points; and the third place - by Hiroki Ono with the Honda Team Asia with 89 points.



In Moto2, Jesko Raffin with Ponsracing is on top the rankings with 75 points. The second place is held by Florian Alt, who rides with Team Ylobike Bohle Gruppe, with 73 points. And, finally, as third in the rating for this category in the Spanish Speed Championship ranks Sebastian Porto with the Team Argentina Stylobike with 49 points. Kenny Noyes from the United States tops the Superbike rankings with the Kawasaki Racing Palmeto PL and 75 points. After him comes Iván Silva racing with Argobank Motorsport with 61 points on the scoreboard. And the third is Santiago Barragan with Team Stratos and 54 points. After all you have read, do not you want to spend a weekend of action in our Sidorme hotel in Albacete and enjoy this spectacular motorcycling championship?