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Summer romantic getaway to reignite your love

Every year many couples are highly anticipating the arrival of the summer season, especially those who are no strangers to the negative impact the daily routine can have on relationships. However, summer holidays give us the golden opportunity to make a romantic getaway and reignite the spark of love. You don’t need to spend much money in order to enjoy a few unforgettable days. You can always find a low cost hotel in Spain to enjoy some lovely time with your partner without spending too much. The important thing here is to focus on one another and dedicate this precious time just to yourselves. With that reason in mind, we have decided to propose you some ideas to lighten up the flame of love in some of the most beautiful cities in Spain:

Romantic getaway to Valencia

The city of the Turia river offers its visitors much more than sun and beautiful beaches. Valencia can boast fabulous gardens like Jardines del Real, located at the old lands pertaining to Alcázar de Valencia. A walk surrounded by vegetation can put you in that romantic mood you’ve been craving. If the sea is your calling, however, a good idea would be to go on a boat trip on a catamaran. Catch sight of the gorgeous sunset of the Malvarrosa beach, which makes for the ideal background  while you swear eternal love to each other. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant walk alongside the maritime promenade, a wonderful place surrounded by establishments where to have a good meal, dinner or just go for a drink while watching some sensational views. Another similar water-related option for a romantic getaway would be to immerse yourselves into one of the most stunning natural settings in Valencia: La Albufera. Enjoy the privileged surroundings with a romantic boat trip by the lake. Moreover, the overlook of La Albufera gives you the possibility to watch the sunset if you visit during the evening.

One of the most romantic restaurants in the world, in Granada

The city of Granada also has tons of things to offer to couples who are looking to dedicate some special time to each other. Besides strolling through its historical streets and eating tapas, you can also have a meal at one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. This list was crafted last year by the Zagat guide, and it placed the Aben Humeya restaurant at number 4 out of 10 most romantic restaurants in the world. Aben Humeya boasts spectacular views of the Alhambra Palace, which heavily influenced this decision. The location of the restaurant on a fortified tower of the Cadima Wall pertaining to the 11th century  makes for a genuinely privileged spot to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

Barcelona, the perfect location for love

Regardless of what you’re seeking, the vastness the cosmopolitan character of this city always makes for the ideal destination with options for all tastes and preferences. If your dream is to go on a romantic getaway, set your course to Barcelona and enjoy this beautiful city and all its gorgeous corners to reignite the spark of your love. The magical fountain of Montjüic should be one of the first must-see places on your list. The lights’ and shapes show always brings together multitudes around itself. It’s ideal for people who are in love. Afterwards, you can also take a stroll towards the Palau Nacional de Montjüic overlook from where you will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the city. Another incredible overlook from where to see Barcelona is Tibidabo. El Camí del Cel is a spectacular spot with an air of romanticism in the ambiance. It’s surrounded by nature and different overlooks from where to watch the city. Some of the other excellent options are Plaza del Rey, El Rompeolas or Güell Park. Now that we’ve taken you on a tour by the most wonderful places in Valencia, Granada and Barcelona, have you decided already where you are going to take your loved one on a romantic getaway?