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Taking a tour through history on a green route

With the help of a stimulating exercise of the imagination we can go on a walk along many of the green routes we will find all over Spain, as well as enjoy an interesting journey back in time. Old railway tracks converted into routes we can visit by foot, by bicycle, or on horseback are the perfect excuse to get away from the noise of the city and immerse ourselves into nature. It’s certainly an occasion worth taking advantage of and stay in a cheap hotel in Girona, from which we can easily follow the tempting calling of open skies and these ancient routes. In the region of Girona in particular you will find a total of 3 green routes, which follow different itineraries and have very different characteristics from each other. Depending on the kilometres you are ready to face, and the difficulty you are used to, there are several levels of intensity to choose from before you start with the activity.


Vía Verde (green route) del Ferro i del Carbó, from a hotel in Figueres

You can take the shortest route going along the shores of Ter river, from the steep Pyrenees all the way to Costa Brava. The Vía Verde del Ferro i del Carbó route has an extension of 15 kilometres, and can be done on foot, by bicycle, or on roller skates. Additionally, it’s been specially adapted for wheelchair access as well. The asphalted road makes for an easier walk, however, it is also abundantly surrounded by the beautiful green of the grass we so longed to see. This route is located between Ripoll and Ogassa municipalities, so if you choose this green route, staying in a cheap hotel in Figueres would be a very good idea. Over the course of this route you will be able to see several important elements of the cultural heritage of the area, such as Monastery of Santa María de Ripoll, the Ethnographic Museum of Ripoll, Monastery of Sant Joan, Church of Sant Pol, and the Gothic Bridge of Sant Joan de les Abadesses.


Green routes of El Carrilet I and II, from a cheap hotel in Girona

If you’re more adventurous and you dare going some extra miles further, we would like to propose two other alternatives. El Carrilet I is located between Olot and Girona. This route has conditioned soil, and goes around La Garrotxa Volcanic Park, and along the shores of Ter river and Fluvià. If you’re planning on doing this route, your best choice would be to stay in a cheap hotel in Girona. Over the course of this route you will find 12 bridges, and you will be able to see the towns of Anglés, Sant Feliu, and Girona; as well as Romanic chapels, and the Castle d’Hostoles. It has a total extention of 54 kilometres, and unlike Vía Verde del Ferro i del Carbó, it can’t be done on roller skates. On the other hand, the green route of El Carrilet II has an extension of 39 kilometres, and is located between Girona and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. Its compacted soil surface goes along a Mediterranean forest. Additionally, during this route you will be able to enjoy getting acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage, monumental ensembles of Girona and Castell d’Aro, Castles-Towers Quart, Cassà. Llagostera, and Santa Cristina.


Hiking is the kind of activity suitable for everybody

The aforementioned three routes can be taken separately, however, there’s a project in the works planning on connecting them to each other in the future. This new joint route would go from the Pyrenees to Costa Brava, having a total length of 135 kilometres, becoming yet another reason for making a getaway to a cheap hotel in Figueres or Girona, and putting yourself to the test with this exciting exploit. If you’re not ready for so much physical exercise, you will always have the possibility of taking each of these green routes separately. Moreover, you don’t have to get through the entire route if you can’t do it for some personal circumstance. It’s important to be aware of one’s strengths and limitations, and to know that it’s absolutely fine to turn and go back, for next time you can be certain you will get further. Now that we’ve uncovered to you the possibility of tracking ancient railway tracks in this region, do not wait any longer and book a cheap hotel in Girona to fully enjoy these green routes.