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The advantages of staying in hotels near the airports

The choice of the hotel and its location in particular is, for most of travellers, one of the main requirements when we’re planning our holidays, getaways, or business trips. Choosing hotels near the airport is an interesting alternative one cannot ignore, for it offers fantastic advantages. Some of the most important doubts related to the key points of travelling abroad are transportation, benefits, or the possibility to save some extra money on the accommodation.


The main reasons in favour of choosing a hotel near the airport

Value for money. Hotels near the airports tend to be quite interesting for their budget prices and the quality of their facilities. In most cases, they are only a few years old constructions, and are very functional and modern. Moreover, these hotels are usually readily available to accommodate the needs of travellers who come to visit some of the most attractive cities of Spain, namely Valencia or Barcelona. Really competitive rates. Such establishments often present their visitors with very interesting prices, making for an attractive option for travellers who are on a budget and are seeking affordable options, unlike rates offered by hotels with a more centric location.

Flexible schedule. The location of these hotels is the key argument in favour for people whose travelling schedules are a tad special. Every day there are more and more flights leaving or arriving to the city at extremely early or late hours. Hotels near the airports are exactly the type of facilities adapting easily to the needs of these travellers, thanks to their proximity to the airports and the availability of a catering service and maintenance.

Facilities with an agile and full-time transportation system, offering a variety of direct links to the city centre. Hotels near the airports present their guests with very broad transportation options most of the time. Due to their highly-frequented and strategic locations they normally have at their disposal a wide range of transport combinations like buses, trains and cars. You don’t have to worry about driving distances with their flexible schedules and various alternatives.

Facilities catering to business travellers’ needs. Another advantage of hotels near the airports is their proximity to exhibition sites, business areas and other venues. It’s an interesting point in favour for those who are travelling across Spain or come from abroad for business. Such facilities are perfect for guests whose travelling purpose is their work, not only thanks to their proximity to the airport, but also the availability of conference rooms and professional spaces offering services like Wi-Fi and catering. Such characteristics are highly valued by this kind of clients Trips with layovers or trips called “express”.  Flights offer an infinite range of possibilities, extending bridges between cities and countries; however, this often means that time is more of the essence than it ever was. The proximity of these hotels to the airports turns them into strategic points for travellers who are on a very tight schedule. If you don’t have much time to rest, but would like to do it enjoying maximum comfort and with the guarantee of a few hours of peace -in spite of the restrictive layovers- these facilities are certainly appreciated. Choose these hotels if you have your route sheet planned to the tiniest detail because you have to leave soon to another country, and would like to visit the city all the same. As you can see, there are many reasons why choosing a hotel near the airport could be the best option for you or someone you know. You will find an ally in Sidorme and our extensive offer in the best accommodation near attractive destinations, striving to provide you with a comfortable, pleasant and budget trip.