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The Albacete Fair, a popular celebration you will thoroughly enjoy

With the arrival of September thousands of people start looking for a low cost hotel in Albacete in order to be able to attend the most important event of the year in this city of Castilla-La Mancha. Locals and visitors alike conquer the fairground for ten days to celebrate the Albacete Fair. From September 7th to 17th the calendar is filled with an infinite number of performances, concerts, activities and bullfights, to honour the patron saint of the city, la Virgen de los Llanos. It’s the perfect occasion to visit this charming and picturesque inland area of Castilla-La Mancha.


Strike up the band!

Musical performances are the headlining acts of the Albacete Fair, and they start a few days before the actual festivals. What’s more, there is such a great variety of live shows, they suit all tastes and preferences. Those who enjoy romantic songs will be able to see renowned singer-songwriters like Alejandro Sanz or Pablo Alborán. Their show will take place on September 5th at the Carlos Belmonte stadium. They will be joined by a vocalist from Albacete called Rozalén as the opening act. The Spanish heavy metal band Obús is another of the headliners of the Albacete Fair. This 80s ensemble will perform on Tuesday, September 8th, when the celebrations are already in full swing. It will certainly be a special show for the nostalgic, who will be able to enjoy TV famous Fortu perform at the Viva La Feria (Los Ejidos) stage. And if you’re more into indie music, you will have the opportunity to see Supersubmarina, Zahara and Varry Brava without moving from the aforementioned stage. Their alternative pop rhythms will liven up the festivals. As you can see, live music is the star of the Albacete Fair.


Traditional performances and recommended activities

If you have already decided to start looking for a low cost hotel in Albacete in order to enjoy all these performances, make sure you also get to experience the traditional side of the festivals. The Opening Parade is a good place to start, and so is the moving of the image of the Virgen de Los Llanos to the Recinto Ferial chapel. The parade will offer you the chance to see a great number of carriages and the participants wearing typical garments of Machegos, Serranos, Espigadores…, to the sound of Charanga music bands. Some of the other events are The Battle of the Flowers (September 8th), or the Flower offering (September 13th), both of which are a good way of getting closer to the historic past of the Albacete Fair. On the other hand, there’s a complete schedule dedicated to the bullfighting at the Bullfighting Fair. There also are numerous interesting activities, like the cutler’s workshop, where you can learn to craft your own penknife; visit the Templete Centenario, a hundred-year-old pavilion, or you can enjoy the Craftsmanship Fair.


For the youngest ones of the family…

Children also get a privileged spot in the programme of the Albacete fair. If you have decided to go on a family trip and book a low cost hotel in Albacete, fear not; you will also have a blast. Make sure you visit the Kids’ Fair, offering a wide range of attractions and rides, as well as bouncy castles. Additionally, enjoy the 18th International Festival of Puppets, namely “City of Albacete”. Your children will be awe-struck with the fictional characters and their incredible stories. Undoubtedly, the Albacete Fair is a celebration suitable for all audiences, giving you the chance to enjoy a few days in the most exceptional atmosphere. Tradition, music, and activities for kids perfectly combine in a fantastic schedule. It’s not in vain the Albacete Fair has been proclaimed as the best popular celebration in Spain twice; once at a competition of the Spanish channel called Telecinco, and the other at a voting poll of Antena 3. Now that we’ve told you everything about the Albacete Fair, would you like to book a low cost hotel in Albacete and come to have the best time you’ve ever had?