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The Banyoles Lake: the best Sport Tourism destination

Sports and nature are the perfect combination if you want to enjoy a few special days to breathe some fresh air and escape from your routine. Explorers and lovers of adventure will undoubtedly find the Banyoles Lake a rather tempting alternative of sport tourism. Located in the heart of Catalonia, these privileged settings are the perfect travel proposal, regardless of who you decide to spend your time with: your partner, friends, or family. Book your room in a hotel in Girona and you will enjoy maximum comfort after you’ve completed your activities programme for the day. Besides practising your favourite water sports, make sure you also have some time left to delight in the delicious cuisine of the area, as well as its fantastic cultural heritage.


A point of reference for lovers of sport tourism

With a length of over nine kilometres, the Banyoles Lake has become a point of reference of the Catalan region for all the people who find the practice of canoeing highly stimulating, or would like to initiate themselves in this interesting sport. The Banyoles Lake makes for an unparalleled destination, thanks to its ideal water conditions, the pleasant year-round temperature of the area, as well as its incredibly attractive landscape. Each year, hundreds of national and international visitors embark on this adventure, where they discover the most beautiful corners of the Banyoles lake on a canoe. There are several different routes boasting surprising views and natural surroundings, all of which will make practising your favourite sport much more enjoyable.


High-level competitions and spectacular landscapes

It’s not in vain the Banyoles Lake can boast receiving important acknowledgments and recognitions, having the inclusion in the Plan de Espacios de Interés Natural (Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest) approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia as one of its honours. Moreover, the quality of its waters and environment turn this area into the perfect place for both experienced sportsmen and first-timers. It’s a unique opportunity to take advantage of the lessons imparted by the best professionals in canoeing. The Banyoles Lake also serves as a privileged host to important rowing competitions, becoming one of the key places of Spain very well-known amongst sport tourism enthusiasts, and even more so amongst followers of water-based disciplines. In 2004 a first-class event took place here, namely the World Rowing Championship.


Discovering ancient dragon legends at the Banyoles Lake

Nevertheless, this privileged enclave in the region of Girona has even more attractions. There are stories and myths about the Banyoles Lake that tell of the existence of a peculiar dragon in its waters. This somewhat bizarre creature, on par with the Loch Ness monster in the Scottish Highlands, has made this already extraordinary place in Catalonia even more magical. The origin of this story about dragons dates back to the 8th century. Nowadays, this myth feeds the curiosity of hundreds of sportsmen and visitors, who choose to spend a few days enjoying sport tourism at the Banyoles Lake for that very reason, besides getting to be in touch with nature. If you would like to experience a different kind of a getaway, do not hesitate any longer and set your course to Catalonia. It’s the perfect destination where you can be in touch with nature while practising sports at the same time, with the added appeal of staying in a hotel in Girona making the most of the comfort and privileges brought to you by the Sidorme Hotels.