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The best cycle touring routes by Madrid

Tourism and sports are two words, which tend to go hand in hand. In the recent years many travellers have chosen their upcoming holiday destinations taking into serious account the various activity and sport offers the different places put at their disposal. For most part, when presented with the different options, cycling is the most demanded alternative, and Spain is the perfect destination for this activity, given the many attractive cycle touring routes this beautiful country has in store for its visitors. The capital city of Spain, particularly, offers very interesting settings for that purpose. So, if you are a cycling aficionado and would like to make the most out of a few days pedalling on two-wheels, your best option is to book a hotel in Madrid, which will allow you to enjoy the most comfortable resting time whilst having everything you need at a stone’s throw. The perfect location of our facilities will help you move around the city and its surroundings with great ease, making for a few lovely, but also intense days in the company of your family, your friends, or your partner.


The Green Cycling Ring in the capital city

One of the most popular alternatives is the so-called Green Cycling Ring of Madrid. It’s a great meeting point for bike lovers, boasting nearly 64 kilometres of road to enjoy the city and its streets whilst doing what you love the most at the same time. It’s a fun and productive route circumventing the city, perfect for anyone who would like to get to know Madrid more in depth. It allows cyclists to access key points in the vicinity, namely El Pardo, Casa de Campo, the Olympic Stadium, Juan Carlos I Park, connecting with a lane for bicycles only in the Colmenar Viejo. If you’re looking to get away from the bustling city, another interesting choice could be the Green Track of the Guadarrama river. It is a more accessible route resistance-wise, adding up a total of 13 kilometres. If you decide to complete the journey, you will be vastly rewarded by the natural treasures of the region. By booking your accommodation in a hotel in Madrid, you will be able to enjoy this marvellous route located between the towns of Móstoles and Navalcarnero, where the most adventurous travellers will be able to test their abilities on the slope section taking you to the well-known green fields of Navalcarnero. 


Recharging your batteries during a relaxing time in a hotel in Madrid

Active tourism and cycling doesn’t mean you will have to give up entirely doing any other activity of your liking. Quite the contrary: our bodies need to rest, and a good, relaxing time in a hotel with a good location is the best way to do it. Once we’re all rested and happy, it’s also important to recharge your batteries with a good meal, sampling the delicious Madrilenian cuisine. It includes –regardless of your preference for tapas or more elaborate dishes– hundreds of restaurants and bars, offering visitors traditional Madrilenian dishes, Spanish, and international cuisine. A cosmopolitan city like Madrid caters to the most demanding palates, so make sure you allocate some time to discovering the best culinary proposals during your getaway to the capital city of Spain. After you’ve had a good meal, the road towards a third cycling route looks much more appealing and brimming with possibilities, as is the case of the itinerary called TransMadrileña. This cycle touring route runs all around the region of Madrid. It is a really interesting option if you would like to discover the city and the surrounding towns on a bicycle, whilst enjoying the delightfully rich landscape of the area.


Cycle tours ready to suit all needs and preferences

The aforementioned cycle route allows travellers to access an extensive variety of landscapes, suitable for all kinds of bike lovers. The wide range of degrees of difficulty ranges from alternatives for the most experienced, who will enjoy more daring sections; to plains and easier sections any bike lover will thoroughly enjoy. This route comprises nearly 54 kilometres of road, divided into 12 different sections. Get to experience the most natural and healthy way of enjoying the capital city of Spain. Sidorme will always be glad to help you plan your next cycling adventure with our most comfortable hotels in Madrid, where you will be able to rest after every day of your holidays. Enjoy cycle touring routes and experience a different kind of a getaway with us!