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The best nightlife areas for going out in Madrid

The capital city of Spain often comes up as one of the best holiday options in our blog. In this post we are going to talk about Madrid’s varied nightlife offer, with alternatives catering to tastes and preferences of all visitors who come to enjoy the picturesque night of the big city. Nightlife places and venues -some of them with a very colourful past and present- and clubs of all kinds scope an extensive area of the city to get lost in under the stars. For that reason, here at Sidorme we would like to take you on a tour through the best places where you can dance, have a drink, listen to music and meet interesting people to have a laugh with. If you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid you will be able to visit all these places hassle-free.


Huertas street and the “Arts district” or Barrio de las Letras

Let’s start from our surroundings: the Huertas street and its parallels boast an extraordinary nightlife atmosphere. Situated near Sol Square, it’s one of the most visited places by foreign students, as well as travellers who are visiting the city. The district’s name comes from the numerous renowned writers who lived here, geniuses of the stature of Miguel de Cervantes, Tirso de Molina, Calderón de la Barca or Lope de Vega. Also located in the same neighbourhood you will find the Santa Ana Square, where also stands Teatro Español (The Spanish Theatre). This square is crawling with a wide range of lovely terraces where to have a drink after seeing some of the shows. Nearby you will also find a great amount of other interesting establishments to enjoy the night. If you choose a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you can easily move around and check out all of these places.


Malasaña: a tunnel taking you back in time to “La Movida” of Madrid

Malasaña is quite the cultural reference for those who lived the 1980s intensely. This area is the perfect spot for people who are looking for something more bohemian and alternative. The streets of Malasaña witnessed “La Movida” of Madrid from its very origins, with Alaska, Siniestro Total or Loquillo amongst many others being its most representative artists and personalities.  Here you can go for a drink to legendary pubs like El Penta (immortalised in a song by Antonio Vega, “La Chica de Ayer”), La Vía Láctea (open since 1979), El Tupper (the temple of indie culture), Nueva Visión, Siroco, or Moloko (Mods’ own refuge).


Chueca: fun and gay bars

Chueca doesn't know the difference between working days and weekends. Any Tuesday or Wednesday you will find a variety of establishments open ‘till late night hours. Another reason to find a hotel in the centre of Madrid and go out several days in a row – regardless of the day of the week! This area is widely known as the legendary gay area of Madrid. Chueca gives its visitors endless nightlife possibilities. Some of the most distinguished pubs and clubs are Delirio, Why Not, Fulanita de Tal, Long Play, Destino, or Black & White.


The most famous clubs in Madrid

If you’re into clubbing and you would like to visit the big Madrilenian clubs, there’s a variety of places to choose from. The most famous of them is, undoubtedly, Kapital (located at Atocha street, 25). The club has seven floors, and it offers different genres of music on each of them, ranging from hip-hop to dance. Furthermore, inside of Kapital you will also find a movie theatre and the rooftop is a big terrace where you can have a drink. Some of the other options available if you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid are El Sol (a legendary venue, also the vestige of “La Movida”). Joy Eslava (the perfect venue if you would like to immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of a 19th century theare), the creative vibe of the Siroco club, ThunderCat Club if you love rock music, or the renowned El Barco. Before you is a complete tour through the most emblematic places where you will be able to enjoy some quality clubbing time at legendary venues from the decade of “La Movida”, as well as some of the finest terraces. Do not hesitate any longer and book your hotel in the centre of Madrid to start enjoying your holidays.