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The Dalinian Triangle: following the steps of the Spanish artist

There are many magical and inspiring places in Spain capable of forging an imprint in the memory of travellers who choose to visit them. Girona is one of those unique settings where it’s particularly easy to find the perfect combination of cultural tourism, nature and fun. It’s an error-proof proposal to make the most out of a few days of rest or holidays in the company of a renowned artist like Salvador Dalí. To head towards Catalonia, particularly to the region of Girona and to discover the route known as The Dalinian Triangle is a unique experience. And in order to set the starting point for this route, we recommend you to choose a cheap hotel in Figueres and get in touch with Dalí’s works following the prints he left in this magical place.


Discovering the impressive Theatre-Museum Dalí

Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, making this city a key point in this itinerary throughout the life of the king of surrealism. The first mandatory stop takes place at the Theatre-Museum Dalí, which is impossible to miss. The building is known worldwide for its surrealist style, and it’s become one of the places of reference in the area.

 In its interior visitors will find some of the most interesting works created by the artist, allowing us to get to known more in depth about his inquisitiveness and his career. It’s a stimulating and remarkable journey suitable for all audiences, awaking the interest of both adults and youngsters, if you’re travelling with kids.


A deserved and comfortable rest in a cheap hotel in Figueres

Following the visit to the museum, and after recovering your strength in a comfortable and low cost hotel in the city, it’s highly recommended to take a stroll by Figueres to discover its attractive natural hideouts. It’s a nice opener to consider, before travelling towards the next stop in The Dalinian Triangle in Cadaqués, which is a stunning town situated in a highly inspiring and privileged location. The perfect combination of mountains and sea is ready to surprise its visitors who would like to delight in the most beautiful sunsets behind small fishing boats. These exclusive views were part of Dalí’s life, since Cadaqués was the only place where he returned and stayed the longest throughout his life. In this municipality you can visit the Portlligat House-Museum, the workplace of the artist, and see the shape of the building and the furniture inside. As everything in Dalí’s life, this place also has some very special characteristics.


Discovering Púbol and the castle Dalí gave to Gala

To conclude this artistic triangle, we will make one final stop in the town of Púbol. This small enclave was home to one of the most treasured possessions in Dalí’s life. It was here where the painter acquired a medieval castle, which he gave to his wife, Gala. It was also in this location where Dalí spent his last days and passed away, making this place one of the primary key points in his life. This castle is also home to Dalí’s studio, where the artist created his last works. It is, without doubt, a place worth paying a visit to if you would like to see the imprint left by Dalí in the garden and the peculiar sculptures, ready to surprise all visitors who would like to get to know more about such a key figure in the history of art. With an in-depth look into Dalí’s life and work, and the intention to offer a few marvellous days discovering his extraordinary creations, Sidorme puts at the disposal of all travellers the best low cost hotels in Figueres. Enjoy a few unique and unusual days in direct contact with art and nature.