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The fun of Oktoberfest 2015 takes over Madrid

Traditional music, Bavarian-style costumes with braces, and the taste of the best beer. A little piece of Germany has arrived in Madrid on the occasion of the playful Oktoberfest celebration in the capital city of Spain. This date represents the perfect moment for taking a break and enjoying a special and incredibly picturesque event. This celebration is backed by over two hundred years of tradition, its starting point being the city of Munich. Over the years, Oktoberfest has become increasingly popular in Spain, gaining an extensive following amongst different groups of the population. In order to enjoy this fun party the way it deserves, making a reservation in a hotel in the centre of Madrid is the best idea that comes to mind. Sample the delicacies of the German cuisine from September 24th till the end of October in a variety of locations in the city.


Traditional costumes and the best cuisine German-style

Every year around this time Munich reaches incredible numbers of visitors who come on the occasion of this festivity. This attractive German city welcomes over 6 million visitors from all around the world with the arrival of Oktoberfest, who consume nearly 7 million litres of the best German beer. Keeping in mind this huge success, Madrid is set to outdo itself with every edition and emulate the German city’s efforts with the arrival of this important date. The convening power of Oktoberfest brings together locals and foreigners alike in the capital city of Spain, where during this time you will undoubtedly see lots of people wearing typical costumes, get a taste of the widely-known German sausages, the traditional meat pie or the delicious homemade cream cheese of the region of Bavaria.


Enjoy the best shows staying in a hotel in the centre of Madrid

This peculiar getaway with a German accent has music as one of its main headliners. Some of the most fun bands and artists are going to be there to spice things up and celebrate Oktoberfest 2015 in Madrid the way it deserves. The rhythms and chords of the musicians in attendance won’t fail to make you smile. Bands like Los Refrescos, Javier Gurruchaga, Pablo Carbonell or King Africa, amongst many others, will all take the stage in their turn to get the audience dancing to the sounds of their music. If you stay in a hotel in the centre of Madrid, you will be able to enjoy all of these performers and many others.


Spain, Peru, Brazil or Argentina join the celebration of Oktoberfest

If you would like to become familiar with the origin of this popular October celebration, here are some basics: it’s started back in 1810, which was a key year for the city of Munich, for the festivity became tradition on the event of the nuptials between Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Over the decades, the popularity of this event has skyrocketed and went to conquer other countries as well. Nowadays, with the arrival of the months of September and October many places in the world dress up to flounce their most Bavarian side. The celebration of Oktoberfest has already made a place for itself in countries like Spain, Brazil, Peru or Argentina. Tradition takes over the streets of a great amount of places in the world, joined by the best beer, which is characterised by its authenticity and stamped with seals of quality of the so-called Munich Beer Club. In order to keep up with the high standards, organisers behind this special date in Madrid have set all their efforts to surpass the number of attendees registered in the 2014th edition of the festival, as well as the incredible figure of 35,000 litres of beer that were consumed in the previous year. If you would like to witness a little piece of Germany in the capital city of Spain, do not hesitate any longer to plan a quick getaway to celebrate Oktoberfest 2015. Such a special occasion makes for the perfect excuse to enjoy a few days of fun by dancing, discovering traditions or sampling the best cuisine. Join the party with Sidorme and one of the best hotels in the centre of Madrid to have the time of your life.