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The most charming towns in Albacete

Getting lost in the beautiful towns of Castilla-La Mancha is one of those pleasant diversions with a taste of summer. If you love Spanish inland regions, here’s a unique occasion to book a low cost hotel in Albacete and dedicate some time to travelling the roads looking for new natural settings to discover. In today’s blog entry we would like to highlight three very singular places worth visiting located in this region: Alcalá del Júcar, Ayna and Almansa. Each of them has its own particularities, offering the visitors a different enclave and the opportunity to sample the cuisine, enjoy nature and get familiar with the history. So, shall we start?


Alcalá del Júcar, nature and adventure

It is, undoubtedly, one of the jewels of the region of Albacete. This municipality looks like a place taken from a fairy-tale. Washed by the Júcar river, it offers a marvellous view which doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. The houses located at the edge of the mountains provide the place with a beautiful picturesque image for all visitors to delight in, together with the cave-houses gouged in the mountains. Nevertheless, such exceptional beauty isn’t its only strength: this place is also famous for offering a great number of adventure activities surrounded by nature, like rafting, canyoning, canoeing, quading, or horse-riding. A few good reasons to book a hotel in a low cost hotel in Albacete and spend your day releasing adrenaline in an incredible natural environment. We also shouldn’t forget about its delicious cuisine, with dishes like Gazpacho Manchego, made with wild meat. Some of the other well-known dishes are El Atascaburras, Las Gachas, Patatas a lo pobre, La Miel de Romero, El Aguardiente de Casas del Cerro, accompanied by virgin olive oil, wine, and saffron.


Ayna and the filming of Amanece que no es poco

Another great idea if you’re spending a few days in a low cost hotel in Albacete is to visit the charming municipality of Ayna. The cult movie Amanece que no es poco was filmed here, having premiered in 1989. Anyone who has seen it will immediately recognise on each step they take this production’s settings. Additionally, there are information panels in different places indicating where someone shouted “Lights. Camera. Action!”. The house of Ngé, The House of the Reasonable Man, Jimmy and Teodoro’s sidecar (which can be seen at the entrance of the town), Elena’s road to the plot, the entrance to the town’s school, and many other elements from the film can be seen during your tour through Ayna. Moreover, many of the locals took part in the film as extras, and they are always happy to tell anecdotes, so it’s the perfect opportunity to integrate with the people and sit and listen to their interesting stories.


Almansa and its beautiful castle

The spectacular castle of Almansa is a must-visit place during our tour, if we’re spending a few days in the area whilst staying in a low cost hotel in Albacete. Situated on the Cerro del Águila, this fort was proclaimed a National Historic Legacy in 1921. On the fences of its walls you will be able to appreciate its Almohad origins, and its interior has remainders of Gothic masonry works. The surroundings also offer interesting places like the Battle of Almansa Museum, immersing you in the history of this conflict, which played a decisive part in the history of Europe; or the Water Mills, with written references dating all the way back to the 16th century. Add a little bit of history to your tour throughout the charming towns of Albacete, and enjoy cinema, cuisine, adventure, and nature. Don’t wait any longer and find your low cost hotel in Albacete, and start planning your journey now!