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The ski season is finally here!

The ski season has officially begun. After months of waiting, the moment has arrived and we can finally get our ski and snowboard gear out, for it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the enjoyment of this beautiful sport. For those who love to plough through the snow, it’s yet another reason to start looking for a hotel near Sierra Nevada, Granada, from which we can access the well-known Grenadian tracks. The Sierra Nevada ski resort is one of the most renowned in Spain, thanks to its surface of many kilometres, its flawless organisation, and the possibility to enjoy snow with a more pleasant climate than in other places.


Is it worth getting a ski season pass?

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, it is certainly worth considering buying a season pass. If you intend to regularly visit the ski tracks, certain ski resorts have fantastic offers in store. Besides, each time more alternatives and interesting discounts are coming up, and you could benefit from a long term season pass if you're planning on staying in a hotel near Sierra Nevada. There are season passes from 10 to 25 days, with prices starting at 314 Euro. Additionally, right now is the best time to enjoy the most attractive special offers you can find on the ski resorts’ websites. The capital city’s ski resort, namely Puerto de Navacerrada, in the region of Madrid, is currently offering ski season passes starting from 250 Euro, special promotion celebrating the opening of the season. If you combine this unbeatable offer with a cheap hotel in Madrid, you’re in for quite a few days of skiing and snowboarding for a really reasonable price. It’s a great possibility if you choose slightly more modest ski resorts, which are noticeably different in prices, something to bear in mind depending on your personal priorities.


When is it recommended to acquire your own equipment?

Considering the purchase of the necessary equipment to practise skiing and snowboarding is yet another dilemma we face every year. Thanks to the big shopping centres, we have a variety of affordable options at our disposal. However, with that in mind, it’s also worth considering and weighing up the pros and cons of whether renting a snowboard or skis might be a more suitable choice for us. The biggest advantage of owning your own equipment is the amount of time you save by not having to go to a specialised establishment where you can rent it. A good option for being able to afford the purchase of your own ski equipment would be to maximise your budget by saving in accommodation, choosing to stay in a cheap hotel. Another good option could also be investing in your new gear prioritising your needs. One of the most important elements for a skier or a snowboarder is owning a good pair of boots. If you plan on practising this sport regularly, it’s highly recommended to acquire your own, avoiding your feet the pain of having to adjust to a new pair every time.


Alternative activities at ski resorts

Of course there’s more to the winter season activities besides these well-known sports. More and more ski resorts are adding new parallel activities for visitors who, for whatever reason don’t like skiing or snowboarding. From snowshoe outings to sleighs pulled by dogs, building of igloos, or playgrounds for children, the possibilities are vast and suit all preferences and needs. And if you simply enjoy reading a book with a hot beverage in a terrace of a café while marvelling at the beautiful view of the mountains, you can do that as well. Whatever your reason, it’s always a good moment for going on a trip for pleasure, whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, admiring the landscape, or any other available activity. It’s the perfect occasion to choose accommodation near ski resorts, like a hotel near Sierra Nevada, to forget about doing too many kilometres and focus on enjoying what you love the most.