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Thematic routes by beautiful Granada

Granada can be viewed from a great variety of perspectives, all of which are readily available options that will help you make the most of your visit to the city. On one hand, there is the possibility to discover all the spots linked in one way or another to historic figures like Isabella the Catholic, Carlos V, Boabdil (the last Muslim King of Granada), Mariana Pineda (the liberalist heroine), Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (also known as The Great Captain), or the renowned poet Federico García Lorca. On the other hand, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens of the city, the traditional patios, convents, or Mudejar art. All these fantastic possibilities and more are at your disposal if you book a cheap hotel in Granada and immerse yourself in its incredibly rich history.


Take a peak into Lorca’s life by looking into the city’s history

If you’re more of a literary enthusiast, the Federico García Lorca route takes you on a remarkable journey into the distant past. It’s an extensive itinerary stopping by several different spots in Granada: his family’s houses; the cafés he frequented, namely Café Alameda, where he read some of his first poems (which nowadays is the Chikito restaurant). Some of the other stops include the Mesones street, which Lorca often passed on his way to the university. Located on this very same street was the Artistic, Literary and Scientific Centre, the institution that hosted the Cultural Agitation forum, in which the writer participated in 1915; and the editor of his first book Impressions and Landscapes, the printing house Ventura Treveset. Some of the other places of interest throughout this route include the Faculty of Law (at the University square), from which he graduated in 1923; and the Alhambra Palace Theatre, where Lorca read some verses, lead an homage, and offered a more extensive recital later on.


Interesting routes to get to know more historic characters

If you’ve decided to spend several days in a cheap hotel in Granada, there are lots of other historic figures to discover in the streets of this charming city. A very interesting example could be the Boabdil King itinerary, honouring the last Muslim king who reigned in Granada. It follows the same path he took on his way to deliver the keys to Granada to the Catholic Monarchs. On a related subject, you will find the Queen Isabella the Catholic route, owing to the monarch who set in motion her ideas of a Castilian city in Granada. Another interesting route is the one following Carlos V’s renewed design of Granada, carried out during his stay in 1526, which left the city's Arab and medieval characteristics behind.


Gardens, patios, convents, and art

On a slightly different note, let’s look into some more contemplative routes you can enjoy during your stay in a cheap hotel in Granada. These itineraries include other elements like gardens, patios, convents, or different aspects of the Mudejar art. If you would like to get to know the greenest and most beautiful places of the city, you can start with a visit to the Generalife Gardens, which once were the summer residence of the Nasrid Dynasty. This place meant to represent the Muslim paradise. We also highly recommend visiting the Carmen de los Mártires Garden, the garden of the Manuel de Falla Museum, the Palacete de la Quinta Alegre or the García Lorca park. As for the patios, make sure to pay a visit to Casas del Chapiz (16th century), Dar al-Horra (15th century), Casa de los Pisa (16th century), or the Casablanca Marquees’ Palace (16th century). Here are some of the most interesting thematic routes you can check out during your visit. Don’t wait any longer and book a cheap hotel in Granada to spend a few wonderful, culture-packed days.