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This summer, bid for cultural tourism in Spain!

The summer holidays are a time in which we can, after looking forward to this all year long, finally enjoy our hobbies to be able to delight with calmness the absence of the daily routine. For lovers of art, photography, history, cinema… the summer days become the coveted oasis to make the most of cultural tourism. For them, we have prepared this special tour with some interesting stopping points for this holiday time.


The Stones exhibition and architecture in Valencia

The SympathyfortheStones exhibition, located in the Bancaja Cultural Centre (Plaza de Tetuán, 23), provides an analysis of the iconic presence of the legendary rock and roll band: The Rolling Stones. Beyond its most recognized symbols, the exhibition showcases the group on the basis of pictures, documentaries, graphics, videos, artwork and testimonials. The City of Arts and Sciences undeniably is another point of interest for lovers of cultural tourism in Spain.Its architecture, designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, situated along almost two kilometers in the former Turia riverbed, is not the only attraction of this visit. Activities around science, nature and audiovisual shows are carried out. The latter is particularly relevant in L´Hemisfèric, where you can see movies in IMAX DOME in three dimensions or enjoy astronomic live shows. Tickets can be bought with 10% discount when purchasing them through their website.


La Alhambra de Granada

This monument is set up as one of the reminiscences of various cultures that have left their mark on its architecture. It was created for over more than six hundred years across the Muslim era, the Renaissance and Romanticism. With the possibility of overnight visits as well, touring its palatial rooms, patios and gardens and ornate rooms is a sight to behold. Just like peeking into the world from the Alhambra, where we will see the Albaicín, la Vega and the very own hill upon which it settles. Just a few meters away, we can also enjoy the Carmen of the Rodríguez-Acosta Foundation, which hosts a unique set of gardens and a large collection of pieces from ancient to modern art. A tour through the building features ancient caves and underground galleries. The Museum of Fine Arts in Granada is, together with the Museum of Guadalajara, the oldest provincial museum in Spain. The opening took place in 1838 and its funds are predominated by grenadine religious theme painting from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century.


Museum of Cutlery in Albacete

La Casa del Hortelano (designed in 1912), with its Gothic façade, houses the Municipal Museum of Cutlery in Albacete. A discipline that has been and still continues to be of vital importance in the region, having created an artisan craft whose name has crossed borders around it. The exhibition is set up as a route with knives of all time, the Iron Age, Roman Hispania and the Visigoths. Keep in mind that on Mondays the museum is closed to the public.


Cultural tourism in Spain: Barcelona, Girona and Figueres

We already described Barcelona as a cosmopolitan city with which one quickly falls in love and talked about its striking architecture, thanks to the works of Gaudí. Moreover, its strong cultural character allows travelers to enjoy a multitude of activities that are carried out across the city. On the other hand, thanks to being one of the main landmarks in Spain, we can find numerous theatrical premiere productions in the city. At the same time, many concerts of top artists and dance performances take place. Alternative culture also figures prominently when it comes to Barcelona. A multitude of small spaces offer various activities for all ages. When talking about cultural tourism in Spain, we cannot forget about Girona, where its history will envelop us with ancient chants, walls with their stories surrounding the entire Jewish quarter, the cathedral and the halo of stillness evoked by their most secret streets. Another mandatory stop is the Dali Museum in Figueres, about which we spoke earlier. Here the visitor can find the most representative work of this eccentric artist. With all these options, why not giving a chance to spend a cultural summer in Spain?