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Three hiking routes for beginners in Sierra Nevada

Nature, exercise, and breaking off of the routine. Practising hiking is a great option for people who are thinking of initiating themselves in sports with the added appeal of enjoying gorgeous landscapes. Settings such as Sierra Nevada are a number one choice for those who would like to give their first steps in the conquest of the best mountain routes.


The richness of the Granadian landscape makes for the perfect holiday destination

Beginning hikers are in luck. Granada is the perfect alternative with a very interesting offer of hotels near Sierra Nevada which will help you discover accessible hiking paths with varying degrees of difficulty in a comfortable and fun way.


A walk through the Enchanted Forest of Camarate

The Natural Park of Sierra Nevada has an interesting path in the so-called Enchanted Forest of Camarate. It’s an easily accessible route for getting started in this sport, with the added appeal of being able to enjoy an environmental jewel at the same time, revelling in nature and taking a break from the cities’ hustle and bustle. The Alhama river, the port of La Ragua, or the chapel of Our Lady of the Snows are all part of the treasures you will discover if you choose to visit one of these interesting routes this area of Sierra Nevada is offering.


To the conquest of the incredible Veleta!

Another interesting option is, undoubtedly, the ascent to the Veleta mountain range. The climb is a perfectly suitable exercise for beginners, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by the marvellous views. After delighting yourself in the Andalusian cuisine and pleasantly resting in one of the hotels near Sierra Nevada, a good start to your day is to get your mountain boots on and head on this route towards La Hoya de la Mora, and the well-known Veleta peak. It’s a challenge of medium difficulty which will allow you to enjoy one of the best overlooks surrounded by the abundant vegetation of Sierra Nevada. A natural balcony from which you can revel in some privileged views of the sea from the top of the mountain.


Oaks, holm oaks, and golden eagles to initiate yourself in hiking

If you would like to see for yourself the natural heritage that time has left in Granada, one of your best options is to set your course on another accessible route by the neighbouring Orce mountain range surrounded by oaks and holm oaks. Autumn is the ideal season for enjoying these landscapes, and getting to know the flora and fauna of the area, where you can see mountain goats or golden eagles. Here are some tips to make the most of a few days of rest and being in contact with nature if you decided to choose one of the aforementioned options:

  • Prepare you route in detail and get familiar with the itineraries and times. You can do that by recurring to professionals who know all about the area, because they could give you some valuable recommendations.
  • Start your route after a good night’s rest. If you choose to go on a getaway to Granada, a good option is to locate a hotel near Sierra Nevada to enjoy maximum comfort.
  • Wear the appropriate clothes, footwear and accessories that will allow you to walk comfortably and are ready for possible changes in temperature.
  • Take water and food with you. It’s important to restock on energy and stay hydrated.
  • Technology is a very good friend of the hikers. Having a GPS device or a mobile phone will prove to be incredibly useful to orient yourself easily and to keep in touch. It’s also important to inform someone you know before starting on the route that you’re going to do it.

There you have a series of useful details to discover Granada and experience a unique getaway in direct contact with nature practising sport and enjoying the best hotels near Sierra Nevada.