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Tips for organising the perfect weekend getaway in Spain

Spending a weekend in Spain discovering its landmarks, sampling the best cuisine or practising different sports can make for the perfect getaway plan for people with the busiest schedules. If you are one of them, here’s a tempting alternative which is easy to organise, as well as one that fits all budgets. The only thing you have left to do now is to establish a few key points to make the most out of these few days. When you’re getting ready for the perfect weekend in Spain, one of the primary concerns for you should be the correct distribution of time you need on everything you want to do. But before that, you need to make up a selection of four or five most attractive destinations you want to visit. You can start by evaluating realistic connections between visiting the desired destinations and the time at your disposal, so as to not to spend half your journey on moving between cities, and focus on being able to enjoy yourself as much as possible instead.

Connections and trips: travelling times under control

In that sense, cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are key. Given their status as ‘hot spots’ of Spain for tourism and business, they are pretty much connected to everywhere in the country. Once you’ve chosen your preferred means of transportation -whether it’s by car, by train or by plane- the next step is to check the accommodation offer in the chosen destinations. You must find the perfect balance between availability, quality, accessible prices and good locations. Thus, if you’ve decided to visit the big cities, finding a well-located hotel in Madrid or Barcelona will contribute to making this weekend in Spain this much sweeter. Another important aspect to keep in mind is to establish your purpose for travel, and try to find out whether the activities' programme and the possibilities your chosen destinations have to offer are what you are looking for.


Activities and places for a wide range of travelling purposes

Lovers of nature and incredible landscapes might find that the perfect weekend in Spain should include a stop by Girona. The natural richness of this enclave, with its hidden coves, it’s stunning routes, and attractive seaside towns like Roses or Cadaqués, or the cultural heritage of Figueres would be a good choice. Moreover, it’s a destination boasting a great offer of hotels in Girona, to make the most out of this weekend in Spain. Other interesting choices like Granada could be the ideal alternative for the most hesitant. This city can boast having the perfect combination of culture, historic monuments like The Alhambra Palace, delicious cuisine, and nature, with the Sierra Nevada mountain range nearby.


Weather, a highly important factor for many adventurers

Now that you’ve chosen your purpose for travel, the weather forecast for the following days should also be a part of your travel plan. It’s particularly important to choose a destination fitting our expectations, and also to be able to predict the clothes we will need to pack in our suitcase. Places like Andalusia or the Valencian Community are fairly easy in that respect, given their year-round good weather and lack of significant rainfalls. However, if you’re not afraid of the cold characteristic of the autumn and winter seasons, Albacete’s rich gastronomy and interesting routes could make for a very particular weekend in Spain. Museums, landscape, traditional cuisine, and the comfort of a hotel in Albacete in the perfect location is a good combination for a few unforgettable days. These are just a few little tips that us from Sidorme wanted to share with you, in order to help you accomplish a few truly unforgettable days abroad.