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Tips for visiting amusement parks with kids

Amusement parks are an excellent choice when we’re planning holidays with kids. These places are magical and very exciting for children. They usually feature some of their favourite fictional characters, besides a variety of thoroughly enjoyable rides and shows. We mustn’t forget, however, to establish a careful planning of our visit, so as to make sure everything goes smoothly. With the following series of tips you will be ready for any situation that may arise:


Get your kids ready for the visit to the park: let them know about the precautions

As much as they want to go to the amusement park, there is a possibility they might get scared of something upon the arrival. The loud noises, their favourite characters being suddenly too big and too close, the bright lights… Such environments can be kind of stressful. For that reason, it’s necessary to explain to them what they are supposed to expect with as much detail as possible, in order to prepare them for it. You can use any material you deem important, like videos or virtual tours of the place, so they get familiar with the place ahead of time. Once we are there, it’s highly recommended to keep your distance from the parades, which could make the young ones feel a bit tense. Another way to not subject them to crowds is to avoid going to amusement parks on weekends, or take advantage of the least busy hours to get on the rides. Normally, the best hours on which to focus your activity are early mornings and by the end of the day. Another good time to enjoy rides would be when most people go to see the most popular show. Moreover, it would be a good idea to put an identification bracelet on your kids, in case they get lost. It’s also important to talk to them about this case scenario, and come up with a course of action to follow if that happens. Nevertheless, the best way to avoid that is to always keep your eyes on them.


Prepare the adults, too

We often find ourselves losing our patience, so during these moments it’s best to gather up all your optimism. It might occur that your kids will endure through the longest queue to get on one of the rides, and back away when their turn comes. Experts in child education say it's important to never force your kids to do something they don’t want. And even if they suddenly can’t muster up the courage to get on a particular ride, we should still applaud their braveness. Having more adults nearby could come in handy, too. If you decide to spend a few days in a hotel in Madrid, you could ask the grandparents to join you, as well. This way, you can spend the entire day together in the company of your family.


Planning is key

Holidays with kids require good planning. Before embarking on this adventure with them, it’s important to pay a visit to the amusement park’s website and check their opening hours, access, emergency spots to go to when needed, and general rules to follow inside the venue. It’s also a good is idea to purchase tickets online -if that’s an option- and consider the possibility of going only for half a da. If they’ve never been to an amusement park before and they’re too small. It could be the perfect first time, and they won’t feel exhausted from spending there an entire day. Another thing to keep in mind when we’re organising holidays with kids is to carry a change of clothes for everyone, just in case. Especially if there are water rides. Additionally, don’t forget to carry enough water for the day, so as to not dehydrate; hats and sunscreen, which is mandatory to keep applying throughout the day. And make sure you choose your most comfortable clothes, to make your day easier. That’s it, really! Are you ready to spend some incredible holidays with kids? We are certain that if you follow our tips, you will enjoy a most marvellous experience :)