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Varekai: Cirque du Soleil in Valencia

There are companies and artists who have earned themselves a reputation and a place in the schedules of a big audience, thanks to their innovation and impressive staging: Cirque du Soleil is one of them. This company managed to conquer spectators from all around the world with an astounding combination of magic, beauty and physical capacities of their actors, whose brilliance shines with its own light. Cirque du Soleil returns to Spain ready to once again leave their audience in complete awe, this time making their stop in the city of Valencia. It is, undoubtedly, a huge privilege for any venue to welcome one of the best productions of this renowned company, as is the case of Varekai. This date presents a unique chance to discover this team of extraordinary artists, and the perfect excuse to go on a short getaway to the city of the Turia river, whilst enjoying the fantastic prices of a cheap hotel in Valencia.


Forests, volcanoes, and the most striking acrobatics

Varekai is one of the most innovative proposals of the Canadian company, who premièred this spectacular show in 2002 in Montreal. A production of the highest quality carrying the unmistakable seal of the acclaimed theatre company. Created by two street artists back in 1984, they have made it to the top with their Cirque du Soleil project. In this production magic and beauty ooze from each and every corner of the stage to show the audience an imaginary world called Varekai. The proposal follows the steps of the previous projects of the company to surprise everyone with fantastic and risky acrobatics, as well as pirouettes and somersaults carried out by artists in almost supernatural physical conditions.


Colourfulness, beauty and wonderful lightning

The staging of the show is carefully planned to the finest detail. During their visit to Valencia the team of Cirque du Soleil will once again put their heart and soul in every performance in order to make Varekai come truly alive and to transport everyone in attendance to a dream world recreating a forest on top of a volcano. The company will offer several performances from January 14th to 17th of 2016. Four performances filled with bright colours, lights, and surprising acrobatics with harnesses and flying swings, reaching the highest peak of the show during the descent of Icarus from the heights to leave the audience positively speechless.


A project born under the warmth of a sunset in Hawaii

Cirque du Soleil’s visit to Valencia is a unique opportunity to enjoy this peculiar company owing its name to one of its founders, Guy Laliberté, who discovered the perfect name for his project admiring an intensely beautiful sunset in Hawaii. From the very beginning of the project –even during that little moment of inspiration- the company has been consistently surpassing everyone’s expectations with different shows and a unique personality. To name a few productions standing out the most on a creative level, we would like to point out Alegría, La Nouba, Dralion or Totem.


Fun, delicious cuisine and budget accommodation in a cheap hotel in Valencia

For those who enjoy art in its most modern expression, Varekai constitutes the perfect excuse for planning a getaway and making the most out of this possibility by staying in cheap hotel in Valencia. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of the delicious cuisine of the area, as well as this gorgeous part of the Mediterranean coast. If you would like to experience the true essence of Cirque du Soleil, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to visit the city and make the most of the facilities and the maximum comfort of a Sidorme hotel in Valencia.