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Visiting the Warner Park in Madrid

Every parent in the world wants to take their kids to an amusement park to see them enjoy themselves like they never have before. When you see the excitement, enthusiasm and happiness plastered on the faces of your kids, you realise you would do anything to see all their dreams come true. These dreams can vary greatly, ranging from meeting their favourite superhero, ride on a rollercoaster for the first time, or take thousands of pictures on the different sets in the park. Now that spring has brought back the good weather, you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to take your kids to one of the most emblematic facilities of Spain: the Warner Park in Madrid. Do you know the best part of it all? Nowadays the word “fun” doesn’t equal to extravagant expense. So, can you think of a better idea than booking a hotel in Madrid and spending some wonderful holidays with kids in Spain?


A park suitable for all ages

Amusement parks are ready to accommodate all preferences and cover a pretty wide range of ages. Regardless of your kids’ age and what really drives them mad, booking a hotel in Madrid to visit the Warner Park is always a winning option. Your youngest will have the best time having a go at rides specially designed for them, where frights and speed are strictly under control. To name a few examples of rides suitable for small children, we have: The Adventure of Scooby-Doo, the Air Mail in Cartoon Village, the Lorries Convoy, or Cartoon Carrousel. However, if your kids are slightly older, they will surely enjoy other activities involving a higher adrenaline release, with rides like Batman’s Escape, The Converter of Lex Luthor, The Steel Ride of Superman; or Stunt Fall, also known as “The Specialists’ Rollercoaster”. Other more moderate rides include the Yogi Bear, or the Mr. Freeze's Flying Chairs.


So many different worlds concentrated in the same location

If you decide to spend your holidays with kids at the Warner Park in Madrid, you will be able to explore various universes comprehended within this flagship of entertainment. The Cartoon Village area will make you feel just like one of the cartoon characters, whose friends are the famously naughty Looney Tunes. The DC Super Heroes World will make you feel part of their comic book world. You will also have the opportunity to become a classic cowboy in the Old West Territory. And let’s not forget the movie world of the Warner Park, with the Hollywood Boulevard and its walk of fame, as well as the Movie World Studios film sets. Such a fun and hectic day! After all these amazing adventures, at the end of the day, your hotel in Madrid will be waiting for you, so you can rest like it’s your job.


Running into your favourite characters everywhere

One of the main incentives for spending your holidays with kids in the Warner Park is that they will keep running into their idols and favourite characters on every corner. The facilities count with several Meet & Greet areas, where they will be able to meet the Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batman, The Green Lantern or Flash, amongst many others. Additionally, they will be able to meet other Gotham City characters besides the bat hero, namely Catwoman, the Joker, or Robin. Your kids will be thrilled with such an exciting experience, and the chance to take pictures and speak to their favourite comic book characters in person. Do you need any more reasons for visiting this amusement park with your family? We thought so. Don’t wait any longer: book a hotel in Madrid now and get everything ready to spend some marvellous holidays with kids in the Warner Park.