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Walking across Barcelona following the steps of Gaudí

The city of Barcelona has long become a very popular holiday attraction inside and outside Spanish borders. Far away from the typical city tours, the capital city of Catalonia holds within itself some real treasures, thanks to the raving minds of some renowned artists, as is the case of Antoni Gaudí. Visitors can enjoy such a great number of different and interesting routes, all of which are capable of giving any getaway to this magical enclave a fun and picturesque touch. Art, curiosities and tons of surprises will be waiting for you if you choose one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona, which will allow you to rest in the most comfortable facilities and move around at your will. Once you’ve settled, a good starting point in order to get to know the city is to follow the steps of the genius Catalan architect and decorator, Antoni Gaudí, who is quite the key figure in the cultural heritage of Barcelona. He has already conquered thousands of travellers who come every year to discover his life’s work.


The defiance of an architect recognised by the UNESCO

Our itinerary begins in the old town of Barcelona, smack dab in the middle of the Plaza Real (Royal Square), where you will be able to see one of his first creations. It is just one tiny sample of the promising talent of a young, 27-year-old man, who was already showing incredible potential, creating a couple of streetlamps composed of several arms. This job was assigned to him by the City Council, and it is but a little ‘snack’ before we head towards the Ramblas to behold the majestic Güell Palace. When we’re talking about Gaudí, we are immersing ourselves into a particularly striking world with a variety of unique buildings like this palace. The Catalan architect built the Güell Palace around the 1880s, and it is, undoubtedly, one of the mandatory stops, given its distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Fun and anecdotes of Gaudí’s life whilst enjoying a pleasant stay in a cheap hotel near Barcelona

Now that we’ve already taken a peak at some of Gaudí’s works, it may be interesting to sneak in a few curiosities. Leaving the architectural angle aside for a moment, let’s get to know a few leisure places frequented by the most popular characters of Barcelona, namely Gaudí, and get familiar with establishments like the Marsella Bar. This place is situated in the well-known Raval neighbourhood, and it opened its doors in 1820. The Marsella Bar can tell you hundreds of stories and curiosities about the life and friendships of Gaudí, Picasso, and many other personalities of the highest esteem in the artistic and cultural scene of Catalonia. Besides enjoying the wonderful stories, it’s a perfect place to relax and have a drink. Once you’ve renewed your energies in a cheap hotel near Barcelona, it is time to continue the itinerary towards the beginning of the Passeig de Gràcia. This is one of the most emblematic spots of Barcelona, thanks to its vitality and attractive features, and here you will find another one of the most renowned buildings created by Gaudí, namely the Calvet House. The same area also houses the Batlló House and its impressive shape and façade. Such a construction doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and it is, of course, also classified as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Awe-inspiring key works like La Pedrera or the Güell Park

Gaudí’s imprint in the city of Barcelona comprehends tons of other popular places, like La Pedrera, better known as the Milá House. It also stands out as one of the most acclaimed works of the architect, due to its incredible and daring shapes both inside and outside the building. The Church of Sagrada Familia is an internationally recognised monument carrying a most pure Gaudí signature, and together with the often-photographed Güell Park they are probably his most popular creations worldwide. Both are located in the Gràcia neighbourhood, which is a great green area, characterised by colourfulness and charm, making for the very symbol of Barcelona. Unique and fascinating enclaves to discover the universe of Gaudí are waiting for you if you choose to stay in one of the best cheap hotels in Barcelona to enjoy a wonderful getaway with Sidorme.