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Water sports in Barcelona

In recent years water sports have become increasingly popular, especially those combining adventure and adrenaline unload. All travellers, who greatly enjoy being in touch with the sea, nature and sports, know that this kind of experiences need to be lived at least once. Of course, it goes without saying that it should be done under the strict supervision of the best professionals, who will always be in control of all the necessary security measures, particularly required for practising activities like flyboarding or parasailing. There are companies specialising in offering these services, and it is thanks to them we can try these different and unique experiences without a single worry for our well-being. Besides, given the fact that these activities have become so popular over the last few years, their prices are much more affordable. If you choose one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona, your getaway will fit perfectly within your budget, allowing you to spend your time in Spain doing something new, exciting and incredibly fun. Are you ready to break away from your routine?


What should I choose?

When we ask ourselves: “Which activity should I choose?” - there is no easy answer to that question. Our heart starts beating fast and our mind is overwhelmed upon thinking about practising water sports at some of the most legendary places like Port Olímpic of Barcelona, between the emblematic skyline towers of the Arts Hotel and the Mapfre Tower. As we were saying, nowadays prices are much more affordable, and there is also the possibility of taking advantage of the many websites offering discount coupons. Book one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona, and this way your trip will be planned from start to finish, and the only thing left for you to do will be to enjoy yourself like you’ve never done before.


Flyboarding and parasailing, the most exciting activities

According to companies specialising in this area, some of the most attractive and highly demanded activities are:

  • Flyboarding, a water sport you don’t need to have any kind of previous experience for, in order to enjoy it at the fullest, and finish your session flying up to 12 metres above the sea. This is possible thanks to a device, which in connection with a water scooter, moves propelled by two powerful streams. This activity greatly reminds us of superhero and thrilling action films.
  • Parasailing is perfect for those who want to fly even higher. It consists of a parachute connected to a boat, allowing you to fly above the sea, reaching altitudes of up to 150 metres. It is the perfect activity to experience first-hand the common expression "from bird’s eye view”.


Lighter alternatives

If you’ve booked a hotel near Barcelona and would like to enjoy the Mediterranean, but the aforementioned activities are a bit too adventurous for your liking, fear not: there are plenty of other water sports and activities suitable for all preferences. One of them could be to sign up for a sailing course and learn to sail. This is a particularly interesting idea if you’re travelling with your family and would like to share this experience together. Another interesting idea is to try out stand up paddle surfing, which has become rather trendy over the last few years. As you’ve probably guessed, this sport consists of using a paddle standing up on a surfing board. Other options include discovering scuba diving, snorkeling, taking a spin on a water scooter, or kayaking. The latter ones allow us to swim alongside the coast and get to know other fantastic spots in the area, which is always a really interesting plan. In any case, regardless of the activity you decide to choose, you have several magnificent days ahead of you to enjoy the lovely weather, the Mediterranean Sea, and plenty of other things. Do not hesitate any longer and book one of the cheap hotels near Barcelona for your trip!