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Well-deserved Winter holidays in the company of your family

The Winter season is upon us, and it is an excellent moment for a well-deserved holiday with kids, allowing us to spend a few days in the company of our family, and truly enjoy some time together. There are plenty of great options at our disposal when we’re planning some time away with the family: to play, to discover new places, to practise some typical winter sports like skiing, to go for a hike, to visit an amusement park or to see spectacular shows. Whether you prefer to wait till Christmas holidays, or take a few days off from work and school, in Spain you will always find a wide range of fantastic alternatives to choose from. We have no doubt this trip will leave lovely images of these few special days forever imprinted in your memory.


Granada, an incredible city with its own ski resort

The south of Spain has one of the most tempting incentives for lovers of cities with a historical heritage and adrenaline-packed sports. If you choose a cheap hotel in Granada, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the extraordinary friendliness of this city crowned by the Alhambra Palace. Take a stroll through its magical streets, enjoy some delicious tapas and get to know places unlike you’ve ever seen before. You can’t go wrong if you visit this wonderful city, for it will provide your journey with some great moments during your holidays with kids. However, that is not all: if you’re keen on adventure, you will be able to combine the cultural offer of Granada with some fabulous time going down the ski slopes at full speed at the Sierra Nevada ski resort. If you’re spending your holidays with kids, it might be a good idea to hire an experienced instructor for the entire family, or sign up your children to one of the many special activities there are for them.


Rural tourism adventure activities in Albacete

This beautiful land of Castilla-La Mancha has many delightful surprises up its sleeve. Located amongst mountains and plains there are small towns scattered all over this area of Spain. Enjoy nature at its finest and places with a picturesque charm. If you’re into adventure activities, Alcalá del Júcar is a must-visit spot for you. Additionally, you can also take a short trip to the legendary Ayna town, where the Spanish movie by the name of Amanece, que no es poco was filmed in the 1980s. The kind inhabitants of this municipality will gladly share their anecdotes with you. So, if you choose this area of Spain, make sure you book a cheap hotel in Albacete as the place for your moments of rest during these action-packed holidays. In addition to the incredible parks located in the city, another must-see proposal is to pay a visit to the Cutlery Museum, which will undoubtedly impress you with the interesting history of the trade inextricably linked to this land.


The big capital cities and their outstanding leisure offer

For travellers who prefer to spend their holidays surrounded by imposing buildings, big capital cities like Madrid or Barcelona are the perfect place to get lost in. Amongst their vast leisure offer you will have the opportunity to enjoy music shows, theatre, as well as plenty of other unique events. Here’s a piece of advice: take a good look at the programme beforehand to make the most of your visit. Moreover, these cities can boast such a massive and varied cultural offer, you could take advantage of this holiday to introduce your kids to art and history. As a parent you probably know that children are prone to get bored fairly easily with this sort of thing, though, so make sure you combine this activity with some other alternatives catering more to their preferences. A good example could be a visit to the Warner Bros. theme park in Madrid or Port Aventura in Tarragona. Are you ready to spend the most fun holidays with kids this winter in Spain?