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Winter holidays with your children: an exciting return to childhood

When we think about going on holidays with our children, it’s one of those things that gives us mixed feelings. On one hand, we want the young ones of the family to have fun, learn about different cultures and experience new things. But on the other hand, the logistics for making it work make us feel lazy. For that reason, it is important to organise ourselves and elaborate a careful planning, in order to make everything easier and comfortable, like choosing a family friendly hotel where our likely needs have already been thought of. It is true that family holidays with children require a lot of preparation. There is the nuisance of having to carry more luggage than when you travelled on your own. A pram, diapers, diaper bag, if your children are very small, as well as change of clothes, toys, and perhaps even a portable DVD player for the older ones. However, that shouldn't be an impediment for you to continue travelling, getting to know new places, and showing your children culture, history and habits of the different countries in the world.


It is paramount to search for new experiences during family holidays

Nature offers endless and incredible opportunities for the youngest ones of the family to discover the uniqueness of wildlife. If during our family holidays we choose to enjoy the marvels of nature, it’s just the kind of experience their minds need in order to stay active and curious. Long walks on the mountain, the countryside, or by the seaside are the perfect place for watching birds, beautiful protected natural areas, or the source of a river. In that sense, Catalonia is a wonderful place where you can enjoy two magnificent spots which have become famous way beyond Spanish borders: Delta del Ebro and Monserrat. Delta del Ebro is especially interesting for watching the daily life of a variety of animals living in the area, as well as over a hundred species of birds. It extends for 30 kilometres onshore and offshore, offering its audience spectacular views. As for Monserrat, it is a well-known pilgrimage in the area, owing it to its walking route, where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes from up high.


Getting lost in between mills or immerse oneself in a big city

If the family holiday of your dreams is getting lost between mills, which inevitably remind us of Don Quixote, Albacete is the perfect choice for youIts vast, broad plain lands are a relaxing view, offering you the much needed tranquillity to make up for the stressing daily routine. The big city can also be a very interesting place where to experience adventures with your children.  Cities like Barcelona or Madrid regularly include in their entertainment schedules a wide range of establishments and activities for both parents’ and their kids’ enjoyment.


Why family friendly hotels are essential

When we become parents, we realise how important it is to go to places where our special needs are taken very seriously. Raising children requires a lot of hard work, so being able to spend a wonderful time in the company of your family is a precious opportunity we have to cherish. For that purpose, finding affordable prices, comfort, and playgrounds for children while a member of the family is resting in their room, or where to spend some time before lunch is important. It’s especially gratifying if the personnel keep your needs in mind, always ready to offer their help and to make things easier for you. It is, undoubtedly, a highly appreciated feature in family friendly hotels, which always have your best interests in mind, as well as their readiness in helping you on a logistic level. So, what are you waiting for? Go on a family holiday with your children and stay in one of our fantastic family friendly hotels in Spain. New adventures are waiting for you.