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Before my stay
  • How can I find and book a hotel on

    The procedure to follow in order to book in our hotels through is simple: Search your hotel, then select the guests, the room type, the rate and the additional services.

    Provide a credit / debit card to guarantee your reservation and finalize your reservation (American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted).

    At the end of your reservation you will receive a confirmation by email, if you do not receive it, you can contact us at our email or call us by phone +34 902 02 31 20

  • How can I book a room in a B&B hotel?

    The reservation can be made:

    • By phone, calling our reservation center: +34 902 02 31 20 or directly with the chosen hotel. For this you can find a list with all the contacts in this link LINK.
    • By email
    • Through our website:, in only 4 steps: In the search bar you have to fill in the destination or name of the establishment, date of entry, date of departure, number of rooms, number of adults and children that will occupy the room and click on the "search" button.

    STEP 1 - Rooms and Prices: Select the room and the desired rate.

    STEP 2 - Options: Include extras or special requests to the hotel.

    STEP 3 - Personal Details. Include customer data In this case you can fill in the form to create an account profile in B & B Hotels or access the profile already created.

    STEP 4 - Payment. Fill in the details of the bank card you will use as payment / guarantee of your reservation (American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted). After the reservation you will be shown the number of your reservation and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Do I have to give the details of my credit card to make a reservation on your website?

    That's right, we can not register and guarantee your reservation unless you enter your credit card information. However, all bank information will be encrypted in SSL format. We accept any credit or debit card, except American Express or Diners Club.

  • How can I check, modify or cancel my reservation at

    On our website you can view, modify or cancel the reservations you have made through the web. If the reservation has been made directly with the hotel or through our reservation center, the cancellation or modification must be done in the same way.

  • I have had a problem with the web, what can I do?

    In the case of not finding an online solution to your problem, notify the hotel reception as soon as possible and we will do everything possible to resolve it in the fastest way.

  • Where can I find the contacts and addresses of the B&B Hotels España y Portugal?

    You can find a list with all the addresses and contact numbers of our hotels if you click on the following link >> WEB LINK

  • How can I pay my reservation?

    The payment of refundable rate reservations can be made directly at check-in by cash or credit / debit card.
    For the non refundable rate the amount of the reservation will be charged directly and immediately on the guarantee card provided.

  • How do I know if there is a B&B hotel near the city I am going to visit?

    Enter the destination in the search bar or click directly on one of the links "Around me for tonight" or "Find a hotel on the map" on the main page.

  • I have lost my confirmation number, how can I check, change or cancel my reservation?

    You can find your reservation number that you have made online:

    • In the confirmation email you will receive once the reservation is completed.
    • In your account at, you must log in with your passwords and access the "my reservations" section.
    • By contacting directly the hotel you have booked (remember to indicate that this reservation was made on the website
  • Until when can I book a room online?

    There is no time limit to make an online reservation, in fact you can do it as long as the web shows you availability.

  • After completing the reservation process I have not received a confirmation in my email. How can I check that my reservation has been made correctly?

    Once the reservation is finished you will receive a confirmation email, if you do not receive it, you can contact us by email or by phone +34 902 02 31 20

  • What are the general conditions of sale in

    You can find our conditions of sale in the confirmation of your reservation. You can also find them in the following link: General Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • What is the customer service schedule?

    You will receive personalized attention 24 hours a day, any day of the week, you can call the telephone number of the hotel directly or call our reservation center: +34 902 023 120

  • What is the difference between the refundable and non-refundable rates?

    At B&B Hotels we offer you two types of rates:

    • Refundable or flexible. This rate allows changes and cancellations until 6:00 p.m. (local hotel time) of the previous day of arrival.
    • Non refundable. If you make your reservation with a minimum advance, you can benefit from this rate that has special conditions. The reservation of this rate implies immediate payment via credit / debit card and does not accept changes or cancellations.
  • How many rooms and nights can I book at the same time through the web?

    For reservations of more than 4 rooms and / or more than 7 days of stay, the hotel reserves the right to charge one night as a guarantee and / or apply special conditions. For this type of reservations it is convenient to make the reservation directly with the chosen hotel.

  • Do pets have a supplement?

    If the hotel allows access with pets, a supplement must be paid. Please better get in contact with the chosen hotel in order to have all the information on this issue.

  • When entering my card information, is my card charged automatically or can I pay at the hotel when I check in?

    In the case of non-refundable rates, the charge is made to the card provided at the time of confirmation of the reservation. In the case of reimbursable rates, the credit card details remain as guarantee for the reservation and, unless special conditions apply, you can pay on arrival at the hotel in cash or by bank card (except American Express or Diners Club) .

  • Can I book online and call the hotel directly to cancel or modify the reservation?

    You can book online and cancel or modify your reservation directly with the hotel, for this you must indicate that the reservation was made through the web.

During my stay
  • What services can I choose to complete my reservation?

    Desarrollar esto > Types of bed, cot, extra bed, breakfast, parking, late check out, Tesla chargers...

  • What services does the reservation include in a B&B Hotels?

    >All B&B Hotels in Spain and Portugal offer free hot drinks service 24/7, high speed WiFi network and 24 hours personalised customer service at our reception.

  • How do I use free WiFi at B&B Hotels?

    Click on the following link to see the conditions of use of the free WiFi service at B&B Hotels España y Portugal >> LINK

  • What time does breakfast have?

    Most of our hotels offer a full breakfast buffet, you can check the schedule in the file card of each hotel.

  • I have not booked my breakfast, could I include it later?

    You can effectively include breakfast at any time, for this you must contact the chosen hotel.

  • How can I extend my stay?

    You can extend your stay, always subject to hotel availability for the requested dates:

    • From your account at, in the "my reservations" section you can find the reservation you want to expand, select and extend your reservation.
    • Directly with the hotel reception selected before and during your stay before 12:00 noon on the day of departure
    • Or through our reservation center on the phone: +34 902 023 120.
After my stay
  • How can I check, modify or cancel my reservation?

    If you already have an account on our website, you must log in to your account by clicking on "My Account" and you will be able to check all your reservations, then you can access each one and modify or cancel those reservations whose conditions allow it to do so.
    If you do not have an account yet on our website, you can create a free account very easily (definir el proceso)

  • How can I leave my opinion on the web

    If you have made your reservation on our website, after your stay you will receive a satisfaction survey, so you can assess your stay. Your response will be displayed on our website within 3 days after we receive it (after the moderation of B & B Hotels Spain and Portugal)

  • How can I find my previous reservations?

    If you have made online reservations, you can find them in the "my reservations" menu.

  • I do not remember the password of my B&B Hotels account, what can I do?

    To recover your access data, you must start the process in the "forgotten password" section, enter the email you have used in your registration and you will receive a new password by email shortly.

  • I have changed my email or my postal address, what should I do?

    Simply access your account on our website and make the changes in the "my account" section.