Holidays in Albacete: a combination of tradition, nature and passion for speed

Tradition, craftsmanship, architecture and nature. The region of Albacete is a highly valued, precious land which hasn’t been yet discovered by many travellers. Its historical heritage and great natural wealth make Albacete a very attractive destination, whether you’re travelling with your family or with your partner.

This city offers multiple leisure alternatives, a variety of interesting plans, and accommodation proposals to its visitors. If you choose to stay in a cheap hotel in Albacete, you will enjoy the best service, comfort and transportation for the best prices.

The art of cutlery as a mark of distinction

During a tour through the city, the Museum of Cutlery is most definitely one of the main must-see places, and this modernist building will undoubtedly draw your attention for its vivid green colour. In this museum you will find an entire collection of exquisite pieces of handicraft which make the city of Albacete so famous in Spain as well as internationally.

A cheap hotel in Albacete is the best alternative to get acquainted with the city and live your passion for motorcycling to the fullest

However, that’s just one of many places of interest this area of Castilla-La Mancha can pride itself on. The peculiar blue dome pertaining to Casa Cabot Jubany, the exceptional Cathedral built in the sixteenth century, or Lodares passage which was inspired by the ancient Italian commercial galleries are, without doubt, also worth a visit. And if you’re looking for a bit of intensity, September is the perfect month for joining the celebration of the well-known Feria of Albacete, between the days 7 and 17 of September.

Enjoy the excitement of motorcycle racing staying in a cheap hotel in Albacete

This city earned itself another mark of distinction by inviting its visitors to enjoy the excitement of competition, sports, and speed set up in privileged surroundings. If you’re a motorcycling and motor racing enthusiast, make the most of your journey by visiting the Circuit Racing in Albacete.

Commonly known as “La Torrecica”, this racetrack is a magnet for motorcycle lovers who would like to try out its unusual layout. Nevertheless, if you’re not so adventure inclined, you can watch the outpouring of abilities of other pilots in first person, by attending training sessions, or other interesting events such as the Speed Championship of Spain which took place in these same facilities back in July.

If you’re interested in this proposal, there’s nothing better than making the most of your visit to this circuit staying in a cheap hotel in Albacete near the facilities of the racetrack. An ideal option if you don’t want to miss out on anything, and be able to learn about and enjoy this sport to the fullest.

Nature and contrasts in Alboraj Lake

Get away from the roar of motors, and dive into the relaxing nature in the surrounding area of Albacete. Further away from the characteristically dry landscape of this area of Spain, the most adventurous can enjoy an exceptional place such as Alboraj Lake, located in Tobarra, to the south-east of Albacete. An area of wetlands, defined by its flora and fauna, here you will find different kinds of reptiles, birds and unique plants, regardless of the time of the year of your visit.

Another interesting excursion could be a walk alongside Júcar river, exploring extraordinarily beautiful landscapes in the Cuasiermas area.

If you’d like to spend some holidays with numerous options to choose from, book your stay in a cheap hotel in Albacete like Sidorme, where you’re guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable rest time.


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