Holy Week with legend …

Easter with Legend …

Easter is already here, one of the most popular and religious festivals, especially in the south of Spain. Throughout this week, streets are full of brotherhoods that carry on his shoulders with religious images, with music that accompany them during the way.
We emphasize the Holy Week in Granada, one of the most characteristic ones it is the presence of the Alhambra in the background of all the celebrations that makes it unmistakable. It is a week full of emotions and there are many highlights, but we recommend you do not miss the procession of silence where they will off the street lights along the way and there is absolute silence during the procession. A feeling hard to forget!


Semana Santa Granada

Holy Week Granada

But … why not do something different this Easter?
This year you can go with the legend of Sant Jordi in Catalonia, do not you know it? So do not miss the opportunity to live it by yourself. Next 23rd April, It is certainly one of the best days to visit any catalan city where the streets are full of dragons, roses of all colors and books…
If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend any of these events … This year you still have a chance!



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