The special charm of Temps de Flors in Girona

Girona dresses up for one of the most important and attractive occasions of the year, coinciding with the arrival of May. The Temps de Flors festival (translated from Catalan: Time of the Flowers) is the perfect moment to celebrate the spring season the way it deserves: with a lovely but different getaway, breaking out of the routine of everyday life. This event becomes increasingly popular with each year that passes, and this time it has also prepared interesting surprises for everyone who would like to discover it.

The Temps de Flors exhibition is celebrated from May 7th to 15th, and will once again gather hundreds of visitors from Spain, as well as other different countries. Book a cheap hotel in Girona to enjoy maximum comfort and the perfect location for visiting various landmarks of the city. It’s the perfect plan for a getaway to the Region of Catalonia to make the most out of this marvellous season.

Monuments, patios and gardens bursting with flowers

In 2016 this competition celebrates its 61st edition, having been around since 1954. For yet another year, the streets of the city will be filled with a careful selection of the most impressive and well-tended flowers. In conjunction with the wonderful monuments, patios and gardens, Girona is set to look more beautiful than ever for this special occasion, inviting locals and visitors alike to get out and enjoy the unique experience of taking a stroll by its streets, taking advantage of the pleasant May weather.

Book a cheap hotel in Girona to make the most of the Temps de Flors festival

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The Temps de Flors programme of 2016 is full of activities and contests. Starting from May 7th it offers tons of interesting possibilities to all visitors who would like to make the most of their trip. Music is present in many workshops and recitals all over the city, in order to thoroughly enjoy the festival, and so is the delicious cuisine of the area.

Traditional cuisine and relaxation in a cheap hotel in Girona

Once you’ve rested in your cheap hotel in Girona, you’re in for some yummy refreshments: the city treats all its visitors to the best culinary creations, bringing to their tables delicious cold meat, first-class produce from the vegetable gardens, and the best traditional dessert to sweeten your stay even more, with cocaspanellets and the Catalan cream as the protagonists.

Flowers are also present on the menu, offering the diners an opportunity to tease their palates and experiment with fun and new flavours. A fantastic gift for all your senses, which you will be able to sample in many of the restaurants in Girona.

The Saint Mary Cathedral, the Jewish quarter, or the colourful hourses near the Oñar river

The arrival of the Temps de Flors festival makes for the ideal moment to pack your suitcase and head to Girona for a few days. It is a great opportunity to experience first-hand the gorgeous nature in combination with the city and its floral exhibitions, endowing this Catalan enclave with a unique and attractive look.

If you would like to visit Girona and not overlook any of its many places of interest, here are some key spots that are must-see: The Saint Mary Cathedral, the peculiar and colourful houses near the Oñar river, or the Jewish quarter. The latter one is a particularly strategic place for those who would like to immerse themselves in Catalan history, by way of walking the cobbled streets of the busy old town.

Magical retreats with a floral touch make Girona the best destination to welcome May, and Sidorme is offering all visitors a warm and welcoming stay in its cheap hotel in Girona, with the perfect facilities to thoroughly enjoy your getaway to Catalonia.

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