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Museo Cuchilleria

Our B&B ​​Hotel is located near the Museum of Cutlery in Albacete, being only 6 kilometers away. It is a unique institution in Spain being very manchegan and dedicated to most popular sector in the province, namely the knife industry sector. The Cutlery Museum of Albacete is one of Europe’s three museums of cutlery; the remaining two are in Solingen (Germany) and Thiers (France), respectively. These three museums are united under the declaration in defense of Albacete knife industry sharing the motto “three cities, three museums, three countries.”

The Cutlery Museum is situated in the Square of the Cathedral, located in the Horton House. You can easily distinguish it due to its beautiful building with a facade covered with green tiles. This building is located in the central area of ​​the city, enclosed by the Town Hall Square, on the opposite side of the Cathedral of Albacete.

Inside you will find an enormous collection of traditional and well-known local cutlery, including temporary exhibitions of cutlery from all over the world. If you have time, you should see some of the exhibitions organized by the Association of Albacete Cutlers – APRECU.

The most viewed items of the Museum of Cutlery are their permanent collections, especially the collection “Jesus Vico” which allows you to admire archaeological artifacts from the Iron Age, the Roman epoch and the Visigoth. If you are interested in the history of the Albacete knives, you should check out the audiovisual “Cutlery: Future Myth, and job” offered by the museum.

Dive into the culture of Albacete’s cutlery staying at our hotel in Albacete!