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Gothic Quarter

Barrio gotico

The Gothic Quarter is just a 34-mile drive from our hotel in Granollers. Talking about Gothic is talking about the history of Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter is the oldest part of the city and its historic center. The quarter’s structure has remained largely intact until the nineteenth century and today it remains an attractive neighborhood with a strong personality.

B&B Hotels strongly suggest you visit this part of Barcelona. Let us commence our journey at the Plaça Nova, a paradise for art and photography enthusiasts. Starting with the Cathedral, with its typical Catalan Gothic structure designed by architect Josep O. Mestres. Further, we shall continue towards the Pla de la Seu, ​​where the Pia Almoina (Almshouse) or the Canonja House is situated; further we can see the Diocesan Museum, the House of Archdeacon and Palau and Bisbe. The Pla de la Seu is very popular during Christmas because it celebrates the traditional Fira de Santa Llucia with its fir posts and nativity scenes. Then we arrive at the Plaça del Rei, the square with some of the most important medieval buildings in Barcelona including the Palau Reial Major, the Chapel of St. Agatha, the Palau del Lloctinent and Clarian – Padellàs House, where the History Museum of Barcelona is housed. Nearby we find the Plaça Sant Jaume, in which the two most important institutions of the city’s the political life are located, namely the City Council and the Government of Autonomous Community of Catalonia.

One of the mandatory stops is the Gothic Church of Santa Maria del Pi, crowned with spectacular rosette and surrounded by Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol; and the Ribera, the old fishing district, where you will find a novel like cathedral reminiscent of those from a novel, namely Santa Maria del Mar, and one of the most visited museums in the city: Picasso Museum. Another place which you should definitely visit is the Jewish Quarter. Finally, we finish our tour at the Plaça Reial, where restaurants, bars and some of the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona hide beneath the porches. Do not resist the temptation and stop at one of the many chocolate shops and candy stores that overfill the neighborhood.

Enjoy Barcelona from our Sidorme hotel in Granollers.