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Castillo San Ferran

The Costa Brava is a destination that every year welcomes a large number of tourists interested in its gastronomy, its natural landscapes, its climate, its festive atmosphere and, above all, its cultural character.

The Castle of Sant Ferran is located on one of the hills in the term of Figueres. With a capacity for 6000 people, the Castle of Sant Ferran is the largest fortress in Europe and declared to be of cultural interest. A real attraction for lovers of historical and cultural tourism. It is an impressive testimony of the military engineering of the eighteenth century, whose extension is equivalent to no less than 32 football fields (3120 m.-5500 if we take into account the space of its glacis)

The Castle of Sant Ferran served as a military base until 1966 and, since then, its state of conservation has been excellent. So in 1997 it was decided that the Castle of Sant Ferran would offer guided tours on a regular basis. A great way to get to know the history, culture and art of the time.

In addition, from its walls we can contemplate the whole countryside panorama of the Ampurdanés plain. Hectares of fields protected by splendid cypresses.

We recommend a guided visit to the water cathedral, an active visit in which a tour of the fortress trench is carried out on board SUVs. It also includes visits to the underground galleries and navigation on board of pneumatic boats through the interior of the cisterns of the fort.

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