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Madrid, Barcelona

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'Single Use Plastic Free'

We are the first hotel chain in Spain and Portugal that has managed to remove 100% of the disposable plastic in our rooms.




Discover Zaragoza with B & B Hotels

Come to know B&B Hotel Zaragoza Los Enlaces Estación, located in the city of Zaragoza, a consolidated and popular tourist destination.

Offers a rich historical and artistic heritage with an enormous offer of "tapas" bars.

A perfect hotel to escape during any time of the year to visit the city or for a business trip. 


Welcome to our new hotel

We present you the new B&B Hotel Zaragoza Los Enlaces Estación, with 76 rooms, it is a modern and economical hotel with urban design, ideal to visit the city. 

Well located, it offers easy access by car, train and Zaragoza airport.